September 29, 2023

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A young Spanish woman explains why she likes Argentinian men so much

A young Spanish woman explains why she likes Argentinian men so much

The young Spaniard told why he likes Argentina. (Photo: TikTok screenshot)

A young Spanish woman said through her social networks What are the reasons why you like Argentinian men so much? It went viral. “It’s Gaucho Syndrome”He explained.

On her TikTok account, the user @gigi.blux was asked about her preferences when looking for a partner, and she was elusive. “I don’t know what they have physically, but I detect them, I see them in the distance, even the one who looks ugly to me at first, then looks beautiful to me,” he laughs.

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He commented on this “There is something in the body”, He doesn’t know what it is, but “it only works with people who like Argentina.” “If it doesn’t happen to you, you see them all as beautiful,” he added.

“Like what They are too subtle to speak Like they’re messing with you, but in a different way,” he explained. “For example, they say to me, ‘What happened to you Russia,’ and I haven’t been to Russia, but because I’m white, with glowing eyes, I understand that they say that to gain confidence,” he said. explained.

Young Spanish woman tells what she likes about Argentine men. (Photo: Instagram @gigi.blux)

He also emphasized “They’re not afraid to make you feel good.” “So it’s like they’re very fast and they’re calling you pretty, skinny, pretty right from the start. Very beautiful,” said the woman.

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In the middle of the video, she gets an interruption: her puppy appears, she gives him a lift, and she shows off her “pokita” outfit, mentioning that she’s a fan of the xeneize club.

As he continued his story, he said he liked it “Simplicity Argentine Men Need to Coordinate You”. “They’re not so reluctant to introduce you to their friends and invite you to make plans with more people. It’s like bringing people together is more natural to them,” she said.

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“I like it too They are more spiritual. In that way, they connect with the universe in a different way,” Tiktoker added, adding that he finally likes them to be “a little crazy” because he finds it fun.

His video reached almost 70,000 views and almost 7,000 likes. On the other hand, his supporters did not hesitate to comment on their preferences. “You love Argentina, you belong to Boca. You are number 1,” wrote one boy.

“We’ve never had the money and the fear,” joked two boys, “and what’s going on is that Argentina has charm.”