April 13, 2024

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After the “Queen of Streaming” was fined and banned, the Chinese regime issued a final warning to all Internet celebrities.

In China (Reuters) vendors advertise clothing on the day of the sale

Established by China’s tax authorities Ten day deadline for your celebrities to catch their taxes In the regime’s campaign to tighten control over the excesses and tax evasion of celebrities.

Chinese authorities have introduced a major strategy to crack down on tax evasion and immoral behavior in the entertainment industry, which has affected some of the country’s biggest stars.

Local tax offices in various entertainment capitals of China such as Beijing, Shanghai or Canton They warned their celebrities to declare all of their earnings by the end of the year to avoid severe penalties, A government report released on Wednesday says.

If the self-examination and self-correction is still rejected (…) or not complete, the tax department will take it seriously.“Canton State (Southeast) Finance Office said in a statement.

Influencer-led streaming sales move billions of dollars a year (Reuters)
Influencer-led streaming sales move billions of dollars a year (Reuters)

On Monday, China’s live “Streaming Queen” Huang Wei received a He was fined $ 200 million for tax evasion and his social media accounts were closed a day later with about 110 million followers.. Huang Wei, also known as Wei or Via, posted on the Weibo social network, similar to Twitter, in which he apologized and admitted his “deep guilt”.

In turn, actress Zheng Shuang was admitted with $ 46 million in August, and translator Fan Pingping, who starred in The X-Men Saga, has been in a compromise situation since 2018 for another tax evasion scandal.

The state administration for radio, film and television said “Zero dollars” for tax evasion and “skyrocketing salaries” for entertainment professionals.

Huang Wei, La "The Queen of Streaming" And China (AFP)
Huang Wei, La “Reina del Streaming” My China (AFP)

Monday night, officer People’s Daily Some Statistics on the Live Internet Broadcasting Industry “Receive business dividends without accepting any social responsibility“The government supports the development of new business models,” he said, adding that “regulation is needed.”

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Earlier, the Chinese president, Xi Jinping called for the regulation and adjustment of “excessive” and “irrational” income. And for a few months encouraged “individuals and companies” to “give more to the community” in line with the concept of “public prosperity” promoted by Beijing.

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