May 23, 2024

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Who is “Brownie”, the symbol of the president-elect Gabriel Borik is causing a stir in the networks | He was considered “the first dog of the Republic of Chile”.

After the victory Gabriel Borick Like new President of Chile, The arrival of the newly elected president was a novelty: the winner of the Chilean election presented his dog “Brownie” on social media.

With more than 184 thousand followers, the account Brownie_President It caused quite a stir in just a few hours with the support and videos of the dog belonging to the family of the President-elect. “First dog, I accept the challenge of the position entrusted to me by the people’s election.”The first post posted on Instagram.

And he continued: “I’m committed to ensuring not only the rights and warmth of dogs, but of all Chilean pets. Aha!” He closed the funny message next to the photo of the presidential logo.

In its first hour, Brownie’s account reached nearly 200,000 followers. From the context of the elected president, though they did not examine who would administer it, they confirmed that it was their official account.

The logo, known today as “the first dog of the Republic of Chile”, was unveiled in a tender video on election day in which Boric was seen saying goodbye to his dog before returning to Santiago. The election is visible.

“Now you’ve going to be away from our beautiful house for a long time and I will continue to be your faithful friend”, was another message spread in a publication that sees Brownie running through the park.

His connection with the Boric family

Brownie’s history with the new Chancellor of Chile dates back 6 years, when his younger brother Tomas was searching for a puppy to adopt with his mate when he came across an ad for complete puppies litter through Google.

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In a conversation with the Chilean media, Thomas said that when they came to see him, little Brownie had a problem with one leg, which did not impress others, but decided to take him home.

The younger Boric character described the Quiltro dog (without an unknown breed or parent) as “friendly, gentle, and does not fight with other dogs”. He pointed out that he behaves obediently when he walks and walks next to the family member who takes him to the street.

Another report from the family said that Brownie was accustomed to the cold and slept in a house in the yard facing the onslaught of the weather. When the cold is high, he spends the night indoors.

It was also revealed that Brownie has a special bond with his mother, who is the highest official in the country, because she accompanies him on his work in the garden, and once he digs potatoes from his garden, the new “first dog from Chile” begins digging holes in the ground to help her.

Regarding the choice of name, Gabriel Borick’s brother, who was elected president, admitted that he named it because the family enjoyed the dessert recipe.

Other political pets

In the same vein, US President Joe Biden presented the Commander (Commander) with a puppy of the German Shepherd breed this Monday at the White House with him and his wife, Jill Biden. .

“Welcome to the White House, Commander-in-Chief,” Biden wrote in a message on his Twitter account, with a photo of the puppy playing with the ball.

Biden uploaded a video in which he appears to be playing and guiding his new pet. CNN, an American network, noted that the commander was a gift to the president from his family.

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Fiden announced the death of German Shepherd Champ, who had been with the couple for the past 13 years and wanted to sunbathe, chase golf balls and tap on his stomach, last June.

After the 2008 presidential election the dog became part of the family, until then Biden, a senator from Delaware, became vice president of the Barack Obama administration (2009-2017).

Fiden adopted another German pastor, Major, in 2018, who had to leave the White House shortly after training after being bitten by two men at the presidential residence. Last April, the first lady announced that she would be joining a cat in her pet family.

For his part, President Alberto Fernandez is known for spreading pictures of his dog Dylan with his own social networks. On special dates such as his birthday, the President will usually share loving messages.

Called by the name of singer-songwriter Bob Dylan, Dylan has his own account on Instagram, where he has more than 253,000 followers.