October 1, 2022

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After wanting to oust the entire group, Badakis appointed three men he trusted at Banco Nacional.

Silvina Patakis (REUTERS)

Silvina Patakis Happening on the dome National Bank He also appointed three trusted directors. They were officers who accompanied him on his brief stint at the Ministry of Economy.

By Decree 518/2022Published this Friday in Official announcementThe national government appointed economics graduates as the new directors of BNA, Martin Miguel DiBella Y Martin Alberto Bolera; and lawyer Jose Miguel Ballesteros. The first two “have to complete their legal term expiring on December 30, 2023, and the rest until January 14, 2024.

According to reports, Patakis will replace him as Banco Nacional’s new president once confirmed Edward HeckerWithin the framework of the recent reorganization of the national government after Martin Guzmán’s tumultuous exit from the Palacio de Hacienda, the promise would have been received. Alberto Fernandez Appointments can be made in the company directory.

At the express request of the Economist, the administrative authority began to demand the resignation of all directors of BNA. In this way, what started as a rumor turned into a reality as the days went by. from Legal and Technical Secretariat of the President of the nation Calls for his resignation started pouring in.

A few weeks ago, official sources confirmed it Infobay, It says there have been only three requests so far and the other group makes clear that it “has its own support” and has no intention of resigning. “There were some calls for the president to step down, that is true. Lozano, among them “Featured on August 9.

Indeed, orders came to Claudio Lozano, Federico Sánchez and Guillermo Wierzba and their departure was confirmed within hours.

Claudio Lozano has left Banco Nacional's board of directors, leaving the government and the company's new president Silvina Patakis (NA: DAMIAN DOPACIO)
Claudio Lozano has left Banco Nacional’s board of directors, leaving the government and the company’s new president Silvina Patakis (NA: DAMIAN DOPACIO)

In a “transitional” conversation Patakis had with Hecker, the economist allegedly asked him to tell the board that they should resign. Although Hecker did not agree and the directors warned that they would not resign, reports indicated that Alberto Fernandez would have offered Patakis the opportunity to appoint the entire board of directors as a “consolation gift” for his quick arrival. Palacio de Hacienda and how carelessly he left -by the national government- Sergio Massa took over as “Super Minister”.

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The appointments of three people from Patakis’ circle who accompanied him during those three weeks he was economy minister were officially announced this Friday: De Bella, who was Secretary of the Treasury; Pollera, who was Secretary of Domestic Trade; Meanwhile, Ballesteros is the former head of the Legal and Administrative Secretariat. They had all tendered their resignations when it was confirmed that Massa Patakis would be replaced. The decree issued this morning confirming the arrival of the three officials in Banco Nacional bears the signature of President Alberto Fernandez and Massa..

One of the sources of opposition Patakis faced at BNA was Claudio Lozano, who questioned the procedure for removing him from the company’s board of directors and launched a fierce criticism. “I’m worried that because of the mistake that Badakis made in the economy, to make up for it, a second mistake is being made, which is to decapitate a bank that we got, and that today he was able to reverse that position,” the economist said. Leader of the Popular Unity Party.

After submitting his resignation, Banco National’s former director, He publicly acknowledged that he had been asked to resign, but had “no reason” or “arguments.” Indeed, he indicated that he had received a call from Casa Rosada: “There was a presidential directive to ask me and the other directors to leave.”

Faced with a compelling request, Lozano indicated that he accepted but asked that it be confirmed by the President, the Chief of Staff or the President’s Secretary General. That’s how it was Julius Vittobello Finally he informed him of his decision to leave.

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Confronted with the changes at the company in the last few hours, he said it was “clear incompetence”. Indeed, he pointed against Patakis: “When he had no power, he asked everyone to resign. I didn’t understand.”

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