March 4, 2024

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Agustina Comber reveals her role in the rise of Nelson Mandela on PH

Agustina Comber reveals her role in the rise of Nelson Mandela on PH

Augustina Comber He shared PH, we can talk, The most embarrassing moment as a couple Dear Boudou attended A final farewell to Nelson Mandela. In addition, he breaks down when he remembers his father’s early death, and as Juana Repetto did, he also produces capsules containing his placenta.

When asked by Andy Kuznetsoff to come forward with memorable role players, Augustina did not hesitate and recalled an episode she experienced in 2013 when she was the partner of the then Vice President of the Nation.

“This is the rise of a very influential person in politics. We were in a room surrounded by people who decide borders, peace agreements, wars. The truth is, no one spoke to me,” the journalist began his story. Later, at one point, a “very kind” woman approached him and told him of the deceased. He recalled being asked if he had come to see the body.

“Because of that long tongue, I felt a certain confidence to tell him what I thought about death, about legacies … That person was no longer in that body, and I see how ridiculous the culture we have instead of celebrating existence. We mourn his passing,” He shared that.

Agustina Comber and Amato BoudoFile, archive

“You are right, my husband is no longer in that body,” replied the woman sympathetically, and Comber was horrified. “It was the widow, and I was talking about something that no one asked me. Luckily I didn’t hurt her. She is Nelson Mandela’s widow,” he revealed about Gracia Machel, the late wife of the anti-apartheid activist, Nobel Peace Prize winner and former South African president.

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Like Juana Repetto on the same show a few weeks ago, Comber She said she had the placenta of her son Juan He used it for a lot of things over the years. Additionally, she said she got the idea from Juana when she was pregnant Cut to Lozano, The journalist was a panel member and spoke about her intentions regarding the organ that develops inside the uterus during pregnancy.

“I kept my placenta in the freezer. Then I did many other things. I will tell you that the most beautiful thing I have ever done is a print they call ‘The Tree of Life’. When the corded placenta is placed on a sheet, it draws blood like a tree. And then they pass the placenta from paper to paper, and there’s no blood, and your baby’s first home is the tree of life, which was your womb,” he said. “To me, it’s a very beautiful work of art,” he later explained, and they’re so big and his He admitted that he couldn’t hang it because he didn’t have the necessary space at home.

In addition to the specific decorative item, the yoga teacher revealed the capsules he took during the severe isolation of the epidemic to “return to his mold”, another product he gave to his son and a small drum with skin, the placenta, which he defined as a “power item”. He believed he didn’t make much of the stuff because they carelessly threw it in the trash. “How much will the placenta yield!”, the driver managed to explain, unable to hide his astonishment.

Augustine Comber
Augustine ComberFile, archive

At the end of the show, Comber broke down when there was a call to talk about a near-death moment. The journalist recalled His father’s early death When she was 21 years old. “It was very shocking and unexpected,” he said. She recounted how her sister cried when she entered her apartment and saw the sad scene, recalling her grief and being called to the place. “It was the first time I faced death face-to-face because it was unexpected,” she said through tears, admitting that she regretted not being able to see herself become a journalist. He was proud of her with the driver.

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