April 25, 2024

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The first interpretation of the war in foreign policy: the Pacific Alliance will give priority

Santiago, Chile.- Chile’s elected president, left Gabriel Borick, In matters of foreign policy this Monday, said that his future government, which will take office on March 11, 2022, will prioritize relations with the Pacific Alliance, which will coordinate the country with Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

“We are going to give priority to the Pacific Alliance in the future. I’m already talked to a number of presidents, especially Manuel Lபpez Obrador (Andres) from Mexico and President (Ivan) Duke from Colombia, and we’re in touch with the Peruvian Foreign Ministry, ”he said.

Borick, who was elected president with 55.8% of the vote against Conservative Jose Antonio Cast (44.1%), pointed out that he had rejected President Sebastian Pinera’s invitation to come with him at the end of January. A trip to Colombia for the summit of the Pacific Alliance and the Forum for the Advancement of South America (Prosur).

Gabriel Borick and Eliza Longon, President of the Constitutional ConferenceJavier Torres – AFP

The Pacific Alliance, Made up of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, is a mechanism for political, economic and business integration. The Processor Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru and Guyana are groups of political dialogue and cooperation, promoted in 2019 by Colombian President Evan Duc and Pinara.

“Today it seems to us that our priority is to form teams in Chile,” Borick said, adding that he had not yet formed his cabinet and adjusted the command change well. And he talked to Pinara about his decision so it would not be understood as “a small state”.

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Image of the country

Pinera called him without first talking to Borick. “I have told you that this kind of thing needs to be discussed in person, not by the press, because we firmly believe that we should be careful not to engage in debates that could harm the country’s reputation in matters related to state policies,” he said.

“As far as the brochure goes, it seems to us that this is President Pinara’s own agenda, which is in his legal right.”When he takes office, Borick said he will develop an agenda based on cooperation perspectives to meet regional and global “biggest challenges.”

Sebastian Pinera and Gabriel Borick
Sebastian Pinera and Gabriel BorickMarcelo of course

Among them, he highlighted the already 1.8 million cases and 39,000 deaths in Chile — the corona virus epidemic, climate change, migration crises, economic cooperation and the strengthening of democracy.

Giorgio Jackson, Borik’s political coordinator, told Chile’s television that “this coming week we will review, above all, the formation of teams that will form the basis of what is defined as the priority for this stage.”

Ivan Flores (DC), who was elected deputy and senator, pointed out that Pinera’s call ignores the war and only highlights the priorities that the next government should have. “A cabinet has been formed in January, which will not only give the administration assurances, but will also begin exchanging information.”

“There is a lot of anticipation about what the government will do from day one,” said Gabriel Borick. In this context, why go to Processor when there are already four years to decide which international companies are interested in Chile, ”he added.

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