February 22, 2024

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Machu Picchu Strike Live: They take over the railways to protest ticket sales through Joynes

Machu Picchu Strike Live: They take over the railways to protest ticket sales through Joynes

Roads remain blocked at Machu Picchu

Opponents They have announced that they will intensify their protest from tomorrow Ministry of Culture, Leslie Urtega, The company did not go back on the offer JoinnessProcess flagged for alleged irregularities.

about, Carlos GonzalesChairman Ollantaytambo Chamber of CommerceHe said, via RPPHis opposition to the blockade and unrestricted traffic in the Machu Picchu area, particularly to the Labor Union of the Machu Picchu National Archaeological Park (Sutrapanm) and informal workers in the tourism sector in the area.

Similarly, Gonzalez rejected claims of privatization of Machu Picchu, insisting that it is a state property and a World Heritage Site.

They report the blocked roads at Machu Picchu

They are demanding an urgent visit to the office of the ombudsman

Meanwhile, the protesters are demanding the intervention of the Ombudsman's Office while traveling on the concerned railway line. Cuzco, Ollantaythambo And So much so.

There is concern among Protestants due to possible repressive measures by Peruvian National Police (PNP). Citizens are demanding Peaceful struggle.

For its part, earlier, the Office of the Ombudsman He assured that it was decided to supervise the mobilizations within the framework of implementing the new ticketing system. Machu Picchu Sanctuarycarried out by Ministry of Culture. However, Rosa Santa CruzThe head of the ombudsman's office in Cusco did not comment further.

Fearing repression by uniformed officers, the protesters have called on the ombudsman's office. Photo: Urupamba News

Protesters are stopped by the police

The PNP has blocked the protestors' route Hiram BinghamMain road connecting with Machu Picchu Archaeological Parkand is providing Picks up tourist vehicles. Today the event occurs as visitors wait to enter the wonder of the world.

Uniformed officials have taken these measures to ensure the safety and smooth flow of tourists hot waterAlso known as Machu Picchu CityTowards the historic Inca citadel.

The police stopped the traffic of the protestors. Video: Cuzco Post

Entrance to Machu Picchu is normal

According to Radio Salkante and other Cuzco Media, Iconic Access The archeological site of Machu Picchu Works without interruptions. Despite the strike that started this morning, the authorities have restored traffic and tourists are already moving towards the fort.

According to reports from the area, even though buses were stopped for at least an hour, the situation started to improve. Restarting the service. However, people were waiting in long queues for the bus service.

Machu Picchu remains open despite the strike

Police prevent the protesters from passing

Within the framework of initiation of indefinite strike against Government And this Ministry of Culture In order to privatize ticket sales to Machu Picchu, Peru's National Police (PNP) blocking the passage of peaceful protestors through the main streets of the district.

We are being hit hard. We pass in peace“, protestors denounced the troops.

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An indefinite strike has been going on at the mosque since 5 am. Video: Cusco on the cover

Machu Picchu mayor on Urtega: “They are working behind people's backs”

Mayor of Machu Picchu, Elvis LaTorreHe has expressed his displeasure at what he perceives as imposition Ministry of Culture In relation to recruitment Joinness Management and marketing of tickets to the iconic Inca Citadel.

According to La Tour, Neither he nor his team were previously consulted on the decision. He says this has taken them by surprise. Similarly, the situation is alarming, he added Transparency and inclusion Local governments in practices involving national cultural heritage.

The Mayor of Machu Picchu gives reports on Culture Minister Leslie Urtiega. Video: Cusco on the cover

The protesters have demanded that the Minister of Culture should resign

Amidst the very early protests, the protesters Machu Picchu City They demand to leave Minister of Culture (Minkul), Leslie Urtiega.

The slogan arises in response to the implementation of Joinnus: the company appointed to distribute virtual tickets that facilitate access to this company. Inca sanctuary And Gulab.

Fighting citizens are asking for a portion of the tickets to guarantee access in person They hold the responsibility of the Head of the Culture Ministry Due to the damage to the district and the reactivation of tourism, an essential source of income for those who depend on the continued flow of visitors to the site.

Machu Picchu is committed to an indefinite strike against Culture Minister Leslie Urtega. Video: New National Television

Business establishments are closed

from January 25 midnightSmall town So much so As part of that, it has temporarily suspended its trading activities due to the day of protest Indefinite general strike At the helm Machu Picchu Popular Collective.

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As it is recalled, fighting action responds to the company's rejection Creditorcorpwhich As pointed out by Privatization of ticket sales To enter the famous archaeological zone, get a commission 3.9%.

Also mentioned Signs of corruption in direct awards, A possibility Conflict of interest Associated with a privileged access Tourism Database and budget management for projects Bridge ruins, It can affect conservation and cultural heritage.

Strike at Machu Picchu: Closed businesses and protests against ticket sales by private enterprise (RPP).

General strike in Machu Picchu against ticket privatization by Joinnus

Meetings are gathering from today 24th January. They will go on strike from tomorrow against the move, which they pointed out would give the Creditorp Group a 3.9% commission on the sale of tickets to the Inca Citadel, after questioning the direct award.

He Machu Picchu Popular Collective A announced Indefinite general strike Starting at midnight on Thursday, January 25, 2024 Minister of Culture, Leslie Urtega Penaand company Joinness In the management and sale of tickets for access to the Inca Citadel.