April 17, 2024

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Uruguay: The trans woman who denounced the Friend Amplio candidate said she recognized him a month ago when the campaign began.

Uruguay: The trans woman who denounced the Friend Amplio candidate said she recognized him a month ago when the campaign began.
Frente Amplio Yamandú Orsi (MPP), a front-runner for the presidency of Uruguay

Paula Díaz, the 42-year-old transgender woman who denounced Yamandu Orsi In 2014, he assaulted her after hiring her for sex work He announced that the Frente Amplio had recognized the former mayor of Canelones and a pre-candidate for the presidency of Uruguay as his attacker a month ago.

I started watching it a month ago, mostly on TV. His face was familiar to me, but I didn't know who he was. His face was familiar to me, but I did not recognize him, and one day I remembered and said: “Look, it's nodding.”. That's when I started to see if I should report all this or not,” Dialog said Montevideo Portal.

He delayed his court appearance because of fear: “He was a guy who scared me,” she said.

In an interview Blue FMThe complainant confirmed his allegation. He also told her that he was with his sister when he saw him: “I know there was a quilombo or something with that boy in the park, but I don't remember it very well” and after seeing him “two or three times,” he told his sister: “This bitch Do you know who the son is? “The one with the nose.”

According to Diyas, the events took place in close proximity Roosevelt ParkA green space in the Canelones sector near the Carrasco airport.

“A man driving a black car with tinted windows stopped me and asked the price of my services. I told him $200 (about US$5) orally and the man asked me to get into the car. I got into the vehicle and I started giving him oral sex, and the “I noticed that the man had no erection and he smelled of alcohol, so I assumed that. I continued for about 10 minutes and told him to pay me, I was going to get off and I had to continue work,” he said.

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It was then that the man denied that he had come down and said that he had to “finish” what he had started. She refused, and the man replied: “You're brave, I'm not going to give you anything.” He grabbed her hair at an unprecedented height and gave her a “pillow on the nose”.According to the story.

Always according to this version, the next day the sex worker went to the hospital in Montevideo because she had cosmetic surgery on her nose two months ago. At the health center they confirmed that his prosthesis had broken and he had to pay US$800 to fix it.

This person is confused. Of course it wasn't me, or it would be even sadder if someone used her. Here they are confused not only with a political force or a candidate but with a person and a family. So, from this moment on The people who are going to speak are going to be my advocatesOrsi announced.

The complaint made to him, according to him, indicates that a line has been crossed in Uruguay and the country “doesn't know about it” until then. “Unless the political system can stop it, we don't know when it will end.”, he warned.

Orsi, the candidate who wants to win the Frente Amplio primary He ruled out dropping his candidacy Based on that complaint and reaffirmed: “We are stronger than ever.”

A candidate with major support from a leading department Jose Mujicasaid The political system is “under control” by these kinds of “very well-planned” actions., he defined. “There's a tremendous coincidence, isn't it? “Nine years later, when I'm campaigning, when I'm a pre-candidate, this complaint appears,” he declared at the conference.

Presidential candidate Yamandu Orsi with former President Jose Mujica and former Senator Lucia Tobolanski

He assured that this false complaint – according to him – could “hurt the national campaign”, as other countries had “slightly less than banned” candidates. Former Mayor He pointed out that a bad propaganda model was being imported. “All that's left is to see some other campaigns in the US, Argentina and Brazil to come to that conclusion. There were complaints that they were even ridiculous. However, we had no choice but to let them go,” he said.

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The candidate had the support of his political clout. Leader of the Broad Front, Fernando Pereira, after Orsi's comments, said the complaint was part of “a dirty, orchestrated campaign to cause harm.” “We don't know the origin, otherwise we would report it. Parties should be wary of something that has never happened in Uruguay” said Perera.

Its main competitor domestically, Carolina GosseAnd supported Orsi “Absolutely” adhered to the declaration of support issued by the Frente Amplio.

The four front-runners of the opposition Frente Amplio for the presidency of Uruguay: Andrés Lima, Yamantu Orsi, Carolina Gosse and Mario Bergara (Frente Amplio).

According to a survey published this Wednesday by Opción, Orsi is the preferred inner-leftist with 51% voting intention compared to 35% voting intention for Carolina Goss.

The Frente Amplio, meanwhile, leads with 42% of preferences for the October presidential election, according to a survey by Equipos Consultores. 27% for the National Party; Colorado Party, 7%; and Cabildo Abierto 4%.