July 13, 2024

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All British police hunt for ‘crossbow killer’: He got away with killing BBC sports commentator’s family

All British police hunt for ‘crossbow killer’: He got away with killing BBC sports commentator’s family
Kyle Clifford, a suspect in three murders in the United Kingdom

John HuntRace Commentator BBCHe found his wife Carol and his two daughters were seriously injured after a violent attack at their home Bushey, Hertfordshire In North West London. According to reports, the three women were tied up and then beaten with crossbows telegram.

According to police sources, the victims, Carol, 61, and her daughters, 25 and 28,were found with severe injuries from which they could not recover and died shortly after. John HuntWhen they saw the incident, they immediately informed the authorities.

“After an emergency call, armed police rushed to the scene.” Sources close to the investigation said.

Police Hertfordshire In the UK, an intensive search is underway Kyle Clifford26 years old, after the violent murder of three women Ashlyn Close, Bushey. Armed with a crossbow, Clifford is considered the most dangerous. Authorities are asking anyone who sees him to call 999 (the emergency number in the United Kingdom) immediately and not to approach him.

The alarm went off around 7 p.m Ashlyn Close, where they found the three women with serious injuries. Despite efforts by personnel from three ambulances and two air ambulance services, the victims were pronounced dead at the scene. The women, who were believed to be relatives, were considered friendly family by their neighbors.

Commentator John Hunt and his wife Carol

Work John Hunt As a race commentator BBC Well known in the sports industry. However, his family life is suddenly disrupted by this tragic incident that shocked the community and the national audience.

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In his general statement, Detective Superintendent Rob Hall Major Offenses Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire He pointed out the sensitivity of the case to family members and asked them to respect their privacy. “Given the seriousness of the incident, I would urge anyone who knows Clifford’s whereabouts to contact the police immediately.”Hall insisted. He also urged people to come forward with any relevant information that would help the investigation.

Hertfordshire Police officer at the scene

The motive for the tragedy led to the installation of a blue and white tent for forensic evidence in the front garden of a house. Ashlyn Close. According to a resident who spoke on condition of anonymity, a woman’s desperate screams were heard before armed police arrived. “It was around 6:30 to 7:00 pm when we heard someone shouting. “In about 15 minutes, everything turned into complete chaos, with the police running around telling people to stay home.”said the neighbor.

On the night of the incident, police immediately cordoned off the area and armed officers went door-to-door questioning residents and requesting security camera footage. A neighbor said “several armed police officers” came down the street and knocked on his door, asking him to keep the doors closed while they searched for the suspect.

Hertfordshire Police are closing the streets

A peacemaker Lawrence BrassA nearby resident said BBC The neighborhood is typical of quiet British suburbs, and he said he doesn’t recall a murder in his area. Yvette CooperThe home minister described the deaths as “truly shocking” and assured that he had been informed about them. “The loss of three women’s lives in Bushey last night is truly shocking. “My thoughts are with the families and friends of the victims and the community.”He said.

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Councillors Lewis Nichols, Alan Matthews And Paul Richards They expressed their shock and sadness at the tragic incident in a joint statement, offering their condolences to the families of the victims and encouraging cooperation with the police. “We are deeply shocked and saddened by the tragic news that three women have lost their lives in a violent incident in the heart of our local community.”Local officials said.

Hertfordshire Police at the scene of the crime

looking for Kyle Clifford Not only that, it also led to the attention of the police HertfordshireBut in the north London, the suspect may have fled the area. A neighbor who described the police deployment said police pointed out three possible directions Clifford could have taken if he had fled on foot.

The authorities’ main call is focused on getting information from the community to clear up the case. According to the Detective Superintendent Rob HallAnyone inside Ashlyn Close between noon and 7 p.m. on Tuesday and if you believe you have relevant information, you should contact the police immediately. “Our inquiries will continue over the next few days to determine all the circumstances of what happened.”Hall was added.