December 9, 2022

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Summit of the United States: Alberto Fernandez will deliver a critical speech in talks with the White House and CELAC.

Alberto Fernandez and Joseph Biden during the opening of the US Summit in Los Angeles

(Special Distribution) Before sharing a sober dinner with the President of Paraguay, Mario Apto Benitez, Alberto Fernandez convened an unplanned meeting to conclude the text of today’s speech at the United States Summit. This would be a complex test in a regional context in which the global group affected by Russia’s war against Ukraine has different and conflicting interests.

For the 24th floor conference under strict security conditions, Santiago Kafiro (Foreign Minister), Gustavo Belize (Secretary of Strategic Affairs) and Jorge Arcello (Ambassador to Washington) attended. With a view of the city of Los Angeles, Alberto Fernandez took them into their rooms, and a lengthy discussion began to adjust the President’s speech to set Argentina’s future regional agenda.

Political Debate on Speech –There will be a maximum of 8 minutes– Each paragraph aims to use ideological precedence and some adjectives. The President and his colleagues discussed tone, form and its essence.

The geopolitical concept of Alberto Fernandez’s forthcoming speech has already been acknowledged at both ends of the table. A complex round of talks was held with leaders, foreign ministers and top officials in Washington, Mexico City, Havana, Caracas and Buenos Aires.

And the outcome of those talks marks a speech that calls into question the exemptions of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela and warns of the economic and social implications of the war in Ukraine. But it will also reveal an ideological coincidence with the new agenda proposed by Joseph Biden for Latin America.

During a flight from Buenos Aires to Los Angeles with Alberto Fernandez, Wilma Ibarra, Sergio Massa and Santiago Kafiro
During a flight from Buenos Aires to Los Angeles with Alberto Fernandez, Wilma Ibarra, Sergio Massa and Santiago Kafiro

During the opening ceremony of the summit, Biden announced the formation of an alliance for economic prosperity in the United States. Plan to try to link multinational lending institutions with regional needs. This initiative puts the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) at the center of the platform and does not rule out joining the World Bank and the CAF.

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Alberto Fernandez knew Pitton’s geopolitical intentions and his speech today is in the same direction. The head of state will propose a regional policy linked to food security and an agenda covering Argentina’s energy reserves.

Alberto Fernandez has a deep intellectual respect for Francisco And will use his perspective on war and food inflation during his presentation at the summit. If you have not changed at the last minute, The pope’s perspective will be contained in the ideological line of the presidential speech.

The President will carry out what is agreed with the two opposing factions. It will be the voice of Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela – in a definite tone without a verbal dictionary linked to the Cold War – And will issue a clear signal of agreement with the multilateral proposals made by Biden yesterday at the start of the US summit.

After the meeting on the 24th floor of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel, Alberto Fernandez, Fabiola Janes and Sergio Massa emigrated to the Paraguayan Embassy in Los Angeles.. President Benitez and his wife, Silvana Lopez Morera, were there and they arranged a sober dinner full of stories and state secrets.

Benitez asked Alberto Fernandez how his speech would be at the US summit today. The President gave the exact details of his presentation and received a comment in support of his Paraguayan colleague. Then, each described their adventures at the summit and what they think of Biden’s agenda for the region.

After midnight, Fernandez returned to the hotel and ran to OAS General Secretary Luis Almagro. They pretended not to see each other and each took a separate lift.

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This morning, he confirms his obsession with the written word, Alberto Fernandez opens his computer for the eleventh time – reviewing the final draft of a speech he will deliver at 18:50 pm (Argentine time).

He did not like the results. He changed it.

The President will present a surprise affiliation with Biden and CELAC.

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