March 30, 2023

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An urgent search for a lost radioactive capsule can seriously affect health

An urgent search is underway Western Australia After a small capsule containing the material disappeared radioactiveComment : Contains small amounts of radioactive cesium-137 which, if touched, can cause severe illness.

The piece went missing when it was being transported by truck to a mine north of Newman in the Pilbara region and about 1,400km north-east of Perth between January 10 and 16. Cesium-137 is a material commonly used in mining operations.

be warned If people see it, stay away from the capsule. The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) said Cannot be used as a weapon, but can cause radiation burns And there are other long-term risks, such as cancer.

According to the state’s chief health officer and chairman of the Radiological Council, Dr Andrew Robertson, the object emits a “fair” level of radiation. “We are worried that someone will take it without knowing what it is.. They might think it’s interesting and keep it or keep it in their room,” Robertson said.

The missing capsule is small, but contains a “fair” amount of radiation.DFES

DFES published a description of the object, which measures 6mm by 8mm. Locations where traffic started and ended are recorded. An attempt is made to find the exact route and stops made to narrow the search domain.

Anyone who sees the object is asked to call DFES If you think you have come into contact with him, seek emergency medical attention.

By Kathryn Armstrong

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