April 23, 2024

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Alberto Fernandez succeeds Foreign Minister Olaf Scholes with agenda focused on bilateral trade and investment

Alberto Fernandez succeeds Foreign Minister Olaf Scholes with agenda focused on bilateral trade and investment
Alberto Fernández and Olaf Scholz in a bilateral meeting during the G7 summit in June.

President Alberto Fernandez Will receive the Chancellor of Germany today, Olaf Schalls, within the framework of the European President’s tour through South America. will be inside Brazil And inside Chili, and Argentina is the first country he will visit. He will be received by the Minister of External Affairs. Santiago cafieroAnd the government will try to expand Signing bilateral trade and investment agreements and securing funding for local projects. In addition, the president will seek to position himself as the leader of the region at the international level, one of the axes of his political agenda in governance and in the face of elections.

Scholz will arrive at Ezeiza International Airport at 5:45 pm and will be welcomed by Alberto Fernandez’s right-hand man, Cafiero, along with a delegation of colleagues, businessmen and journalists. An hour after their arrival, at 6:45 p.m., they will both execute Traditional evening at the monument to Liberator General Don José de San Martín, in the plaza of the same name; Autonomous City of Buenos Aires.

The President’s reception will take place at 7:00 pm at the Palacio San Martín, headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Bilateral meeting. Half an hour later, simultaneously, Economy Minister Sergio Massa will hold a meeting with businessmen and an extended meeting with members of the two countries. Commercial instruments will be signed.

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The day will be long. In the evening, at 8:30 p.m., the State President and Scholes will conduct Declaration Press conference at the Patio de Honor. and at 9:00 p.m., finally, both will lead, in the hall of the Palacio San Martin Libertador, closing Business meeting With directors of German companies and representatives of Argentine companies. The last time Chancellor Angela Merkel visited Argentina was in 2017, when she visited the country. Maurizio Macri At a two-way intersection.

According to sources from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Casa Rosada, they are looking To build and develop relationships Policy with Germany, Alberto Fernandez and the President recalled that this was the third time they had met in a bilateral meeting. Scholz received the presidency in Berlin in May – the first world leader he has received since being elected president.

In the negotiation and bilateral agenda, the War in Ukraine after Russia’s invasion. During the trip, the head of state also visited Madrid and Paris. They discussed concerns about “the impact on the South of a war created by the North,” and talked about making Argentina a “secure and stable supplier of energy and food.”

Last year, Scholz chaired the G7He invited Alberto Fernandez to participate in the summit held in Munich. In June, Alberto Fernández became the first Latin American president to speak and express his political vision at the forum. Today will be their third meeting, this time in Argentina. And it comes with an important entourage, whose members represent sectors of interest to the bilateral relationship. Investment declarations and contracts and legal and economic documents are signed. At the end, the entire entourage will be treated to an honorable banquet.

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In the government they pointed out that Scholz publicly expressed his “everlasting gratitude” to Alberto Fernández for his condemnation of the war in relevant organizations. “They read well where the question needs to be asked. Alberto recognized his commitment to peace, against the illegal war in Russia. There is interest in new energies, but there is also interest in old ones, and Germany is looking for new energy suppliers, and we are in Vaca Muerta,” summed up a key ministry official. .

Alberto Fernandez was the host of the Celac Summit in Buenos Aires.
Alberto Fernandez was the presenter at the Celac Summit in Buenos Aires.

And he added: “Another important issue that has gained value is that Alberto, Santiago, Lula, Selac spoke about Latin America as a zone of peace. Because these investments require this stability. Here it takes a concrete note of value and why it matters.

The government’s strategy is for Argentina to become a supplier of food and energy; And Germany, they consider, “is a great player and needs a fraction of the resources we have.” At the same time, Casa Rosada Japan’s chancellor, Brazil’s recently inaugurated president, Lula da Silva, only came to the country in January, and raised that the summit of the Community of Latin American States. Scholes’ visit at the end of the month follows a series of meetings the government has held with headquarters in Argentina.

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