September 29, 2023

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Anger in Italy over vote that would have promised Argentina to Rome but given it to the Arabs

Anger in Italy over vote that would have promised Argentina to Rome but given it to the Arabs

When the pizzas were already served outside the Italian Embassy’s grand residence in Billinghurst and Libertador; When the lasagna, pasta, wine and champagne servers couldn’t keep up, Ambassador Fabrizio Lucentini delivered a speech. His country’s deep irritation.

Italians’ anger at the government of Alberto Fernandez is attributed to the president It was finally decided to favor Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, instead of Rome for Expo 2030.One of the most important international fairs in the world.

This Friday was the party for the Italian Republic Day, Its National Day. Like every year, the head of the diplomatic mission opened the doors to hundreds of guests, including well-known political faces. But it was an honest day.

Lucendini used to say in his speech that Argentina and Italy The two brotherly nations, owing to their historical ties, For their cultural affinity, for the presence of their country’s institutions here, and for their shared principles of pursuing the universal values ​​of freedom, peace and human rights,

Italian Ambassador Fabrizio Lucentini at the Republic Day reception

But after saying that this “attunement” was the basis of fraternal relations, he began that Italy would always be on the side of the Argentine people. “Even when we disagree”. This led him to point out, “We will continue to ask Argentina for this reason Pronounce himself in favor of Rome’s candidacy Until now, to host the 2030 Universal Exposition It didn’t happen“.

As the months passed, the nation’s anger grew, and Fernández remained silent. Who are there? They say he pledged his support to RomeAlthough he didn’t make it public.

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Lucentini was a quiet, patient man, with a strong ear and, together with Roma, he led the movement here. Indeed, it is Foreign Minister Santiago Cafiero was one of the diplomats who met the most. There were several Italian visits for this campaign.

But it was precisely from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the coup d’état took place. “The Argentine Republic expresses that Support for Riyadh City’s candidacyFrom the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, to Universal Expo 2030. Through this, the two countries are strengthening political and commercial ties as well as brotherly relations. On May 22, he surprisingly tweeted:

The 2030 World Expo is held every five years (with the next one in Osaka in 2025) and the opportunity for countries to Show off all your innovations and, to the city that holds it, its growth and development. Since the previous selection, Moscow was excluded due to the invasion of Ukraine. The main candidates are South Korea (Busan), Italy (Rome), Odessa (Ukraine) and Saudi Arabia (Riyadh).

There are two unconfirmed versions of this unexpected support for Saudi Arabia. Some asked to mention the lunch Vice President Christina Kirchner had on May 9 with ambassadors from Arab countries in the country.

The lunch was held at the Saudi Arabian Embassy and was a success, they say. It went unnoticed. It was amazing. And There are those who say that the order came from there.

Others point out that the vice president had nothing to do with it and that another fact should be seen in the Argentine turnaround: the agreement that Economy Minister Sergio Massa signed in Washington last April with the Saudi sovereign wealth fund. It is looking to invest in Argentina 500 million USD infrastructure works, However, the amount has not yet reached the country.

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At a reception by Lucentini on Friday, the two contenders for the city’s presidency, Jorge Macri and Martín Lousteau, were noticeably cold towards each other.

Fernando Strafes, general secretary and international relations of the city, Horacio Rodríguez Loretta’s right-hand man, also participated in the meeting. the ever-active Pablo Garzonio, Undersecretary for International Relations and Institutional Cooperation; Deputy Foreign Minister Pablo Dettamondi and Ambassador Gustavo Martinez Bandiani. Estela de Carloto, grandmother of Plaza de Mayo, Jorge Delerman, head of PFA investigations, Alejandro ŃAmandú and deputy Fernando Iglesias and others were seen.

Others include Ambassadors Mark Stanley (US), Amador Sánchez Rico (European Union), Carl Dane (Belgium), Ulrich Sande (Germany), and María Jesus Alonso (Spain). Among the entrepreneurs, Martin Cabrales was the most visible and talked to everyone.


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