February 29, 2024

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Argentina begins to repay debt

Argentina begins to repay debt

The request was made to the Argentine football team To face strong European teams, In the decisive stages of the World Cup in Qatar he can certainly measure the true dimension of the highest level he will have to face.

Next is the prediction of Argentina World Cup, In the current situation of the team led by Lionel Scaloni, it ranks as one of the teams that can go to the quarterfinals. And consider What happened in Russia four years ago Being in the top eight is not easy.

England, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Portugal and the Netherlands They enter the group of powers that want to feature in that event. The surprise may come from the side of the Africans or from the trio Concacaf (USA, Mexico, Canada).

If Argentina reaches that point, it will have Maximum demand Against the few mentioned, they are mostly world and European champions.

The match against Italy signifies a commitment against an opponent like these, which is not surprisingly the case in Qatar. And answer Argentina rose to the occasion. The level he showed at Wembley is essential to reach the top four of the World Cup. And naturally, if you want to be Decisive match on December 18 at Lucille Stadium.

Argentina will be on their way to the World Cup, unlike in Russia Cycle completing four years under the command of the same trainer. Disruptions to the team due to changes in the coaching and leadership of the Association (AFA) Very bad result For what happened during my stay in Russia.

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In this case the situation is quite the opposite, with expectations rising as the competition draws closer. At the South American level, Showed that Argentina could be better For all enemies. Globally, mainly in Europe, it is Account pending settlement.

The first step was definitely taken against the Italians, the winners of the last European Championship. It will be discovered in a few more months If the following are identical Before those who come behind.