June 13, 2024

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Israel Denies Gaza Genocide Accusations | Reply to South Africa’s complaint at The Hague

Israel Denies Gaza Genocide Accusations |  Reply to South Africa’s complaint at The Hague

Israel It argued before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) this Friday that its war in the Gaza Strip was “horrendous” and had a “terrible human cost”. He denied South Africa’s allegationIt claims that Israeli military action in Rafah intensified a campaign of genocide in the enclave.

Lawyer Gilad nom, representing the State of Israel, testified before the ICJ in The Hague that, “For the fourth time, South Africa presents to the Court a picture completely disconnected from the facts and circumstances.” Noam promised “A sad war is going onIt took a terrible human toll, But no genocide”.

The African country asked the UN’s top court to order an end to the attack on the town of Rafah, considered by Israel to be one of Hamas’ last strongholds. “South Africa He (the ICJ) has a clear motive when he asks that Israel stay away from Rafah and withdraw all forces from Gaza. He does this to gain military advantage for his ally, Hamas, which he does not want to see defeated.Nom argued.

In January, in a case brought by South Africa, the ICJ ordered Israel to do everything possible to prevent acts of genocide and access humanitarian aid to Gaza. But South Africa has not called for a cease-fire, which it understands is the situation on the ground and the ICJ must now go further for action against Rafa.

When he spoke at the hearing, Vaughan Lowe, a lawyer for the South African delegation, said the campaign against Rafa was the latest step in the destruction of Gaza and its Palestinian population. It was Rafa who brought South Africa to court. But There are All PalestiniansAs a national, racial and ethnic group, who They need protection from genocide” he added.

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