December 7, 2023

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Attacks from North and South to Divide Gaza: This Is How Israel Advances in Hamas-Controlled Territory

Attacks from North and South to Divide Gaza: This Is How Israel Advances in Hamas-Controlled Territory
Attacks from north and south to split the region: This is how Israel advances on Gaza (X: @War_Mapper)

Army Israel steadily progressing in his attack on Loop. In recent days, it was learned that the troops were ready to start a new phase of war Hamas After the violent incursions and massacres carried out in the country on October 7, it is now trying to eliminate the terrorists completely.

To this end, the Defense Forces (IDF) mobilized thousands of soldiers to the Strip border, along with tanks and cars, and intensified bombardment of Palestinian attacker command positions and operational centers. According to official estimates, there are already more 11,000 The Enemy targets were hit.

There were also series Night ground tests For days on end, it exposed the vulnerability of the armed group along the border.

Thanks to these attacks, Israel was able to remove many senior Hamas leaders Muhammad AzharThe head of the movement’s anti-tank forces or Ibrahim BiariYabalya battalion leader, and advance on the ground.

The Israeli military has bombed more than 11,000 Hamas targets since the start of the war in the Gaza Strip.

So, a month and six days after the October 7 massacre, Benjamin Netanyahu’s troops dominate a key area. South of Gaza City And they are Just 800 meters to reach the beach. If it reaches this border, Israel will be inside A completely horizontal piece of land And Split it into two parts and gain more control over the area.

However, this is a task easier said than done, as the advances have been made at the cost of heavy clashes that have killed as many as 15 Israeli soldiers in their latest positions.

From the south, Israel is close to cutting Gaza in two, from the north, troops are advancing on two parallel fronts (X: @War_Mapper)

At the same time, the IDF Northern Gaza, from both upper reaches of Hamas-controlled territory. Legions advancing through the beach They have gained a lot of territory, and for now, they only face the strongest core of the war.

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Meanwhile, the battalion entering the eastern flank was low on ground with only three active shock points remaining, but did score one important victory: Beit Hanoon.

Finally, Israel expanded its border operations four points south, although civilians were evacuated there without significant progress and most of the crossings with terrorists are concentrated in the north.

South of the Strip, along the border, Israel has carried out maneuvers at four points, albeit without significant progress (X: @War_Mapper)

All this would not be possible without the help of fighter jets, helicopters, unmanned aerial vehicles (drones), warships and artillery, which “help the ground forces. Simultaneous airstrikes“, they noted from the Army and the parallel operations of the Navy.

After seeing these results, the Defense Minister Yoav Gallant was celebrated “Major Achievements” The move and he said he was “impressed by the performance of our forces”.

“We are determined to continue and win,” Gallant insisted after celebrating the IDF’s progress (Europe Press)

“About Firm and decisive action. There is strong cooperation between the ground and air forces”, thanks to which “we are achieving Attacked all levels of terroristsFrom fighters on the ground to those at the top,” he added.

“We are determined to keep winning,” he concluded confidently.