April 23, 2024

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Attorneys provided details of the deaths of Mauricio Leal and Marlini Hernandez

Mauricio Leal and his mother Marlini Hernandez. Photo: Instagram @ marleny4563

Attorney General of the Nation, Francisco Barbosa, Death confirmed Marlini Hernandez, The mother of stylist Mauricio Leal, is a murderer under investigation by the investigating agency.

Barbosa, in Barranquilla, attended the International Judicial Congress and explained that the prosecutor’s office was developing various hypotheses in the context of the mysterious case of Mauricio Leal and his mother, who were found dead in a luxury home in La Cholera.

He hoped that the stylist’s autopsy would confirm the type of injuries found on his body: “Different hypotheses are estimated, but he presents four sharp injuries to the abdomen that led to his death.”.

At this time, the prosecutor’s office has not released an in-depth statement on the case while gathering evidence that could lead to clarification of the intentions of this fact that moved the Colombian entertainment industry.

Investigators face two paths: suicide or murder, so they focused on the news published on the famous stylist social networks.

According to the El Timbo newspaper, several relatives of the stylist have been invited to the lawyer’s office premises to talk about their notes written on social networks. There they question the suicidal hypothesis They also demand that justice be done and the truth be known.

One of those letters was sent on November 29 by Angelica Hernandez, a cousin of Mauritius. There, he revealed: “I decide to write this news because I can no longer bear the anguish of not knowing what happened to my aunt Marlini Hernandez and my faithful cousin Mauricio. This uncertainty is killing the whole family and how he could die. Could not.A woman like my aunt expressed love only for her family and her friends.

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In that line, he devoted a few words to his cousin, describing him “Light, very humble, very kind, such a good son, because this is what you have taught us: To always love and respect our mothers, you can not be a better brother, uncle, cousin, boss and friend (…). We want to know the truth and we want justice”.

Another condolence was expressed by Maria Diner, who was born in Carthage. Valley of the Gaga. Relax my eternal loved ones. My heart is in pieces ”, He wrote, but his testimony to authorities is expected to provide additional information.

Mauricio Leal
Mauricio Leal

Geraldine Duke, a cousin of the ‘genius boy’, called for the case to be settled immediately: “We, the family members, know by heart that they will not take their lives in a bloody way, that it is very confusing to us.” In this situation, we demand that the cause of death be known as soon as possible and that many speculations be put to an end.

On the other hand, his brother Janier Leal is related El Timo Investigation Division On the afternoon of the death of two of his relatives, he clarified that he had done so with his brother’s driver, not going in through the window because he had the keys to the house, and that when he went to the scene, he did not touch the bodies or the bodies. This will hamper the work of investigators.

It was a long way from where we were We were shocked when we got there and decided not to touch anything, but complained to the police. They suggest that we leave the room and do not pollute the scene. We did not see the letter and did not read what it said until the media published it“It simply came to our notice then. The letter, allegedly written by her stylist brother, did not hide her surprise at the media leak, In which his last will is mentioned as well as an hour, according to different versions, taken as the moment before the end of Mauritius’ life.

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Janier assured that the letter is there “Like his brother’s letter”, Who observed near the bodies of his mother and brother. He also clarified He is not the sole heir to the stylist’s assets as he has a half-brother in Jamundi, Valle del Kaka and other siblings who are involved in expanding his brother’s business planned for 2022..

With regard to this detail, the goal of the stylist business, Jr. assured the El Tambo Intelligence Unit that many families could be affected by the lack of support for the emporium left by his brother: “I am not the only one who is going to be responsible for this. It is unfortunate that many families are left jobless or losing their heritage due to lack of support.“, He said.

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