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“Conclusive proof that the earth is flat”: A young Spanish man shows his ‘experiment’ on TikTok, laughing


3 Numbers 2021 17:40 GMT

Many already knew that ristCristiandelatierra was dedicated to comedy, and his followers knew him on social media, for which they chose to play his game and add data to his theory.

“If this test did not open your eyes, I do not know what would open your eyes, really.” A young man has just finished a video that has been going viral on social media in recent days, proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the earth is flat by ‘testing’.

@ChristiandelatierraWith over 24,000 followers and 463,000 likes on TikTok, he only had to use a small stone and ball with the colors of the Seville football team’s box to perform his successful demonstration. Pebble refers to a plane, ball, of course, our planet Earth.

At the beginning of the post, Netizen delights his audience “A little theory”. Thus, planes travel at speeds of 500 to 700 kilometers per hour, while the earth “rotates like this” at 107,280 kilometers per hour, he says. Slightly different from the results of scientists estimating the Earth’s motion at 1,600 kilometers per hour.

“It’s not understood, is it?”, The self – taught expert continues, explaining that if the plane travels in the same direction as the planet, it will reach its destination “simultaneously”. If it goes the other way it will “never come”, Due to the speed difference, obviously.

Some netizens, such as @LilKanny, who find this hypothesis to have somewhat confusing practical consequences, have found clear flaws in his interpretation: “If I jump in AndalusiaThe seconds I am in the air the earth will continue to spin, and when I touch the ground again, Can I fall into the Atlantic Ocean?“He asks himself, and adds another question:” If I jump off the bridge, where will I fall? “

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Other users have relied heavily on the story and mentioned their interest in geography. Therefore, they have highlighted the first hypothetical flight proposed in the video: From Spain to Derwell. Some are confused because they thought Derwell was the capital of a similar province in the interior of Spain, however, fortunately, other visitors got them out of their error.

Many already know Cristiandelatierra is dedicated to comedy, His followers on social networks know, for which they have chosen to follow his game and add data to his theory, i.e. the name of the celestial body, the planet, already indicates that it is flat.

Other tweeters have denied his theory, however in the same humorous way that the young man uses.

But not everyone realized that this was a comedy video, and many used it Slandering the education system Spanish, maintains that this person is a clear example of his quality.

Precisely, the conflict between those who understand this funny contradiction Following one of the denial groups Those who took the video seriously at this time and did not stop associating with scientific demonstrations that refuted this hypothesis or devoted themselves to harshly criticizing the basic knowledge of its author, have reminded many Internet users The law of the bow.

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This proverb implies that it exists in the absence of an obvious symptom It is impossible to distinguish between ideological extremism and its own parody.

However, most internet users smile and turn this post into a viral video, making the week more bearable.