July 24, 2024

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Australian farmer survives crocodile attack: animal bites eye

Australian farmer survives crocodile attack: animal bites eye
After being dragged into the water, Devereaux acts bravely and manages to escape after being bitten in the eye by a bird of prey. (illustrative image information)

Colin DevereauxAn Australian farmer managed to survive an attack Salt water crocodile As he told the national television channel, this cruel predator bites the eyelid ABC. The attack was carried out near the river FinnishNorthern Australia.

The farmer, who was checking the billabonga, the Australian word for an isolated pond, noticed it was there. Crocodile in water. After two steps, the animal grabbed his right foot and dragged him into the depths. In a desperate attempt to free himself, the man managed to bite the predator’s eyeball, which eventually freed him.He was reportedly allowed to escape The New York Times.

During the attack, the CrocodileApproximately 3.2 meters in size, it tried to pull Devereaux Water. However, unable to get hold of the animal’s head, the farmer managed to bite off the large specimen’s eyelids. Later, after freeing the crocodile’s eyelids, the rancher managed to escape, though the animal tried to chase him for a few meters before stopping.

After the incident, Devereaux was able to staunch the bleeding with a rope and then went to the hospital, where he was treated for ligament damage and two large cuts.

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According to cnn, doctors had to meticulously clean the wound to remove mud and bacteria before closing it with staples and a skin graft taken from the knee. Despite the severity of the injuries, Devereaux He said he is recovering well and can wiggle all his toes.

An Australian man in his mid-sixties was being treated there Royal Darwin Hospital A month, expected to be discharged this week. The man said the incident made him reconsider his behavior and that he should not have ventured so far into Billabonga.

An expert suggests precautions and points out safety techniques after a recent incident with survival clues. (Illustration Image Infobae)

Finally, Brandon SaidoManagement Expert CrocodilesIt is recommended to avoid dangerous water bodies, especially in areas like the northern part where crocodiles are more common.

During the encounter with the crocodile, Saido He highlighted that three approaches have proven effective: gouging the crocodile’s eyes, attacking the nose and, as a last resort, putting a hand around the animal’s throat to try to suffocate it. However, he also cautioned that this last-ditch approach could mean losing a hand in the process.