September 26, 2023

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Bermuda Triangle: The Incredible Discovery That Explains Why Ships Disappear There

Bermuda Triangle: The Incredible Discovery That Explains Why Ships Disappear There

The Bermuda Triangle is a geographical area Atlantic Ocean, between Bermuda Islands, Puerto Rico And Miami. These three points form a geometric object which, over time, has created uncertainty The ships disappeared. As a result, the place became a dark figure and a reason for researchers to try to find the reason for its appearance.

In principle, experts noted “Environmental Considerations” It could explain many of the reported disappearances in recent times. An example of this is most tropical storms and others Disadvantages of climate This will disrupt the traffic of boats passing through the area.

Location of the Bermuda TriangleTwitter: @valladu1986

There is no evidence that mysterious disappearances occur frequently in the Bermuda Triangle. than any other large and well-traveled part of the ocean,” the organization explained. National Oceanic Administration (NOAA) In a statement he issued in this regard web page This has led other experts in the field to begin investigating whether there are factors other than climate that threaten boats or fishing boats in the area.

Years after this assertion from an official site by an Australian scientist specializing in ocean movements Carl Kruzelnicki Clarified in conversation with The Independent There is no reason to believe that the Bermuda Triangle is associated with tragic events. “The number of ships and planes that go missing in the Bermuda Triangle is the highest in percentage terms anywhere in the world“, to be precise.

In the same way, he defended his position at all costs: “According to data from Lloyd’s of London and the United States Coast Guard, The number of missing persons in the Bermuda Triangle is numerically unmatched by any other part of the world.”.

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Although a specific cause has not been found that can determine the main reason for the disappearance of ships in this area, the NOAA was basically Environmental factors Find a reason.

The Bermuda Triangle is an age-old mythGoogle Maps

First, it is fixed “Influence of the Gulf Stream”, which experiences sudden climate changes in the Gulf of Mexico and this significantly increases the risk to ships. Another important point is that there are many islands in the Caribbean Sea.Blocks navigation” due to small sea gap.

Last but not least, the organization places the Bermuda Triangle as a potential obstacle to “magnetic compasses” and argues this rationale: “They point to true north instead of magnetic north, creating orientation confusion.”.

With all this evidence on the table, the Bermuda Triangle is still a cause for observation by experts on the subject. They haven’t hit upon the key to understanding the mystery surrounding it.