September 29, 2023

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Pope’s Angelus: Let us follow Christ by being available to change

Pope’s Angelus: Let us follow Christ by being available to change

During the Angelus, Francis reflected on Jesus’ encounter with a Canaanite woman who urged him to heal her daughter. Because she is not “of the house of Israel,” Christ’s initial reluctance is transformed into compassion, inviting us to change our attitude in certain situations.

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Such is God: He is the Lover, the Lover who is not fixed in his own positions, but allows himself to move and be moved; He knows how to change his plans. Love is creative, and as Christians we are called to be transformed if we want to follow Christ.

The Pope underscored this in his speech before the Angelus prayer, reflecting on the Gospel text describing Jesus’ encounter with a Canaanite woman who asked him to release her daughter. Following Jesus’ example, Francis called us to “be kind, listen sincerely, be kind” in our lives “in the name of mercy and for the good of others.”

In the Gospel of Matthew, it says that the woman was not from Israel. The Lord does not listen to her, but at her insistence the disciples ask her to attend, so that she stops, but Jesus explains that “His work is assigned to the children of Israel.” But she did not give up and bowed before him and begged. Then Jesus said to her, “Woman, how great is thy faith: be it done unto thee that thou wilt.”

The Pope points out that Jesus changes his attitude and that it is the strength of the woman’s faith that changes him, and that he rests on these two aspects: The Transfiguration of Jesus And A woman’s faith.

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He directed his preaching to the chosen people; Then, the Holy Spirit will push the Church to the ends of the earth,” affirms the Holy Father.

The Universality of God’s Work

In the chapter on the Canaanite woman “the universality of God’s work has already been revealed.” “Interesting – notes Francis – this availability of Jesus: in the face of the woman’s prayer that ‘he carries out the plans’, he becomes even more depressed and compassionate in her particular case”.

Jesus sees steadfast faith

The Bishop of Rome invites us to see that A woman’s faithThe Lord extols that it is “great.”

For the disciples, only the persuasion of the Canaanite woman seems great, but instead, as the Canaanite woman approaches, bows down, insists, and maintains a close conversation with Jesus, Jesus finds faith “not rich in opinions, but in truths.” All obstacles to talk to him.

Here is the affirmation of faith, not a religious label, but a personal relationship with God. Woman’s faith is not made of theological code, but of assertion; Not by words, but by prayer. And God does not resist when we pray.

Francis invites us to ask ourselves some questions. If from Jesus is the change We can change our minds, be understanding and compassionate, or we can be firm in our own positions. and from A woman’s faith It invites us to ask ourselves how our own faith is, if it “stops with ideas and words or lives faithfully with prayers and actions”, if we converse with God, we insist on him, or if we are determined to recite something. Beautiful formula.

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So pray to the Virgin Mary “to make us good and firm in faith.”