September 29, 2023

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Blue dollar and dollar today: This Tuesday, July 18, minute by minute | This is how it works for buying and selling

Blue dollar and dollar today: This Tuesday, July 18, minute by minute |  This is how it works for buying and selling

They will also investigate fintech Wenance’s CEO for “repeated fraud”.

National Criminal and Correctional Court No. Alberto Banos, head of the 27, ordered the summons to question Fintech Wenance SA’s CEO and other executives next August.

Prosecutor Mónica Cuñarro, National Criminal and Correctional Prosecutor no. Within the framework of the investigation carried out by 16, in collaboration with the General Directorate of Access to Justice (Atajo), requested this action, according to the Ministry’s General Tax Report. .

According to the investigation, managers of companies offering financial services – through digital platforms – have repeatedly engaged in fraud and included illegal clauses in their contracts.

Wenance, through the websites “”, “”; “” and “” offer cash loans with minimum contract requirements, but interest rates that are much higher than those offered by banks and traditional financial institutions.

During the pandemic declared by Covid-19, various individuals denounced the wrong practices of the Venance Institute, through which they received credit, to the General Directorate of Access to Justice.

The official dollar closed

At Banco Nacion, The official dollar The round is over $279 to sell and $266 to buy.

Meanwhile, the The dollar is blue Conducted and traded $519 sales and $514 to purchase.

Public debt reached a record high of US$403,809 million

Argentina’s total public debt rose to US$403,809 million in June, hitting a new record, according to data released by the Economy Ministry.

Last month, liabilities increased by US$4,960 million due to a fall in currency denominated debt of US$1,852 million and an increase in local currency debt to an equivalent of $6,812 million.

Meanwhile, during the last year, total debt increased to USD 25,270 million in normal terms due to an increase in foreign currency denominated debt by USD 2,179 million and an increase in local currency denominated debt. US$23,091 million.

Merval rises and shares of Argentinian companies on Wall Street are bullish

The S&P Merval index rose 0.34% to 458,435.80 units after half a round in the Buenos Aires market, while shares of Argentine companies on Wall Street advanced as much as 4.5%.

In the leading group of the Buenos Aires stock market, mixed results were seen, within this framework, the papers of Supervielle and Aluar registered the most important advances with 3% and 2.8% respectively.

Among other stocks, Central Puerto (-1.4%) and Edinor (-1.3%) performed with a negative trend.

For their part, ADRs of Argentine companies on Wall Street marked the majority of gains, with the exception of Edenor (-3.8%), Cresud (-0.6%) and Central Puerto (-0.2%).

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The increases were led by Corporate America (4.5%) and YPF (3.1%).

In the fixed income segment, dollar-denominated bonds posted a mixed trend, with gains of 1.3% and cuts of 3.3%; Headlines in peso rose as much as 0.7%.

Thus, the country risk ran a marginal 0.6% higher at 2,054 basis points.

Chicago Grain Futures

Grain futures traded with positive results on the Chicago market: Soybeans advanced 0.79% and traded at US$ 549.59 a tonne in August futures contracts.

Meanwhile, corn rose 3.10% to US$202.65 and wheat rose 2.14% to trade at US$245.36 in September contracts.

Very favorable results in international stock markets

Major international stock markets today posted positive results in most of their major assets, while oil benchmark markets ran with gains.

Major stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region ended with mostly negative results today, according to Bloomberg. Taiwan fell 0.61%, Seoul 0.43%, Hong Kong 2.05% and China fell 0.34% on its Shenzhen index and Shanghai 0.37%; On the other hand, it rose 0.09% in Tokyo.

In Europe, the main stock markets ran with positive results: Paris advanced 0.45%, Frankfurt 0.42%, Milan 0.38%, London 0.66% and Madrid advanced 0.24%.

In New York markets, its benchmark Dow Jones Industrial Average added 0.01% to 34,935.96 points; The select index S&P 500 rose 0.35% and the tech Nasdaq subtracted 0.14%.

For its part, the São Paulo stock market rose 0.12% to 118,363.93 points on its main index Bovespa.

Price in MEP dollars and cash with alcohol

In the stock market, Dollar Settlement ( CCL ) fell 0.4% to trade at $531.76.

For its part, the MEP or Stock Exchange Dollar advanced 1.3% and was quoted at $494.06.

Meanwhile, Argentina’s country risk stands at 2,054 basis points, according to an index produced by JP Morgan.

Merval works with loading at startup

The S&P Merval, a key indicator of the Buenos Aires stock market, rose 0.47% to settle at 459,005.33 points at the start of the day.

Meanwhile, the traded volume in the stock exceeded $280 million.

New York Stock Exchange opens with volatility

New York markets ran a mixed trend today and its benchmark Dow Jones Industrials rose 0.58% to 34,785.93 points, steady at the start of the trading day.

Meanwhile, the select S&P 500 index posted a 0.15% gain, while the Nasdaq tech index fell 0.22%, according to Bloomberg.

Finance Secretary Raúl Rico joins the negotiating team with the IMF

Treasury Secretary Raul Rico will travel to Washington tonight to join members of the Economic Committee who arrived this morning to finalize the final details of an agreement with the International Monetary Fund.

The outpost of the Palacio de Hacienda, which will hold meetings with officials of the organization today, will be made up of the Secretary of Economic Policy Adolfo Rubinstein, the head of advisers to the Ministry of Economy Leonardo Madgur and the vice president of the Central Bank Lisandro Cleri.

Ricoh’s visit is directly related to the financial chapter to be agreed with the IMF, as he is an expert on the subject.

If the talks are successful, Economy Minister Sergio Massa is expected to sign off on the deal in the coming days, which could be signed on Friday and then await committee approval, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Drop the blue dollar

The blue dollar is down $1.

Now there is a price $519 sales and $514 to purchase.

What is the country’s risk?

Country risk stood at 2,054 basis points, according to an index prepared by JP Morgan.

The retail dollar opened today at $266 for buying and $279 for selling on the Banco Nación blackboard, the same closing values ​​as yesterday.

The price of bioethanol increases by 4.43% as per the changes made by YPF

Through resolution 588/2023 published today in the official gazette, the Ministry of Energy has authorized a 4.43% increase in the purchase price of one liter of bioethanol produced from sugarcane and corn, in line with the increase ordered by YPF for its fuels.

The National Oil Company established a price of $172,759 per liter for the two types of bioethanol for operations until last July 8, the day it changed the price of its grade 2 and 3 gasoline sold through its service stations in the city of Buenos Aires.

Resolution 554 of June 30 set the price for both types of bioethanol at $165,432, the second increase in less than a month, an increase equivalent to 6.61%.

The prices set today will apply until Energia sets up a new arrangement to replace them.

The final fight with the old monetary fund

By Leandro Reno

The final, decisive and dramatic part of Argentina’s negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) turned into a few tensions, as the previous theory of many analysts and negotiators was confirmed: finally, Test It fired Christine Lagarde and deposited Kristalina Georgieva after scandalous loans to Together for Change, not reflecting a positive contrast to the organization’s and US Republican gestures toward Argentina and other creditors. Toughness of IMF in ultimate arm wrestling, With strong demands for demonetisation, strong adjustment of fiscal year, review work And games with presidential election times showed a more complicated face of the system. Beyond the subtleties, the photograph is seen in the facts.

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Oil stations in New York and London were profitable

Crude oil barrels were trading higher on international markets in New York and London.

West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil on the New York Futures Market (NYMEX) rose 0.44% this morning to trade at US$74.48 a barrel in contracts for delivery in August.

Similarly, Brent crude from the North Sea, traded on the London Electronic Market (ICE), rose 0.37% and settled at US$78.79 a barrel, but in contracts for September, Bloomberg reported.

Meanwhile, the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) said its crude basket was at US$80.05 a barrel yesterday, down from US$82.06 last Friday, down 2.4.5%.

Europe’s stock markets are volatile

According to the Bloomberg agency, Europe’s main stock markets ran without a defined trend.

United Kingdom…….FTSE……….+0.09%

France………… CAC………..+0.01%


Spain………… IBEX……….-0.30%


Stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region ended mostly with losses

Major stock markets in the Asia-Pacific region ended with mostly negative results today, according to Bloomberg.




Hong Kong…..Hong Seng………-2.05%

Korea…………Kospi………… -0.43%


IMF effect: Stocks and bonds soared

The Shares are listed on the Buenos Aires Stock Exchange A 3.1 percent increase. It is speculated that there will be a market Agreement with International Monetary Fund soon, which drives the price of equity assets. Foreign currency sovereign bonds also rose up to 2.6 percent. Also, the The dollar is blue It marked a loss of 2 cents to close In 520, In line with expectations that negotiations with the IMF will conclude.

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