September 29, 2023

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The Ministry of Economy blocked the entry of a ship carrying gas from Russia

The Ministry of Economy blocked the entry of a ship carrying gas from Russia
Sergio Massa said the government had blocked the entry of a ship carrying Russian LNG

Government decided Prevents entry into the country After an attempted triangulation of a ship carrying liquefied natural gas (LNG) of Russian origin, existing international sanctions prevent such an operation from being carried out.

The vessel that attempted to enter the country belonged to Convor, a Swedish-based company based in Amsterdam, its cargo manifest said. The origin of LNG is Russia, after making an exchange move in France. As Infobae was able to learn from official sources, the operation was triangular: the gas was loaded in Russia, they exchanged in France and then they brought the hydrocarbon to Argentina. This action showed a clear gesture of contractual bad faith. Russian gas, with sanctions, is being sourced cheaply, and it was planned to sell it to Argentina at market prices.

Under these circumstances, the Ministry of Economy ordered to stop the move. This was explained today by the president of the Palacio de Hacienda. Sergio MassaIn an interview with the channel C5N: “Today, together with the head of ENARSA, we took the decision to block the entry of an LNG vessel due to its Russian origin in the face of international sanctions applied to certain Russian companies. Enarza blocked the delivery as a breach of contract as a sanctioned entity. It should do Respecting the international framework, To protect sovereignty, but get out of the idea that if one side or the other goes, they have to go lower. Argentina is a great country.”

Massa cited the episode with the ship that brought the Russian gas as an example of how Argentina’s interests are protected before the world. “Argentina must become stronger in multilateralism. I have excellent relations with the US and Chinese governments. What you need to have is the ability to understand that a multipolar world forces us to protect our resources and make them count in every negotiation. That is patriotism. Everyone in the world knows what we’re selling and Argentina has more. “Juan, yes and Pedro, can’t say no,” said the presidential candidate for the Union for the Homeland.

What you need to have is the ability to understand that a multipolar world forces us to protect our resources and make them count in every negotiation” (Maasa)

“The world has a system of sanctions that is related to respecting the international framework,” he pointed out. He also explained why a country like Argentina cannot be considered “low”: “It is a great country, the eighth country in the world, it is the second world reserve of shale gas, it is the fourth world reserve of shale oil, it is the first in the lithium triangle with Brazil and Chile, it produces together with Brazil and Paraguay. However, we need to find an internal order.

“I hear leaders say that Argentina has many universities, and I ask them to compare with Mexico and Brazil,” he added.

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Massa also noted open negotiations with the International Monetary Fund to review some of the guidelines of the multilateral system’s maintenance program with Argentina.

“The first thing we want is for them to respect us as an economic group and as a country. This has to do with sustaining levels of social investment that protect our people and not resigning the role of the state,” he said.

“The second thing is to understand that this order has been severely affected by the drought and integrate a package that allows us to receive order in the accounts, but 6 billion dollars less should be added to the tax revenue. Nevertheless, we continue to invest in the progressor scholarship, because we believe that in loans to children university, retirees, SMEs, to maintain the activity, because we are at the level of public investment, which is maintained,” concluded Massa.

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