June 23, 2024

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Blue dollar today: How much is trading on Tuesday, February 1 | Blue Dollar Today: How much is traded on Tuesday, February 1st

Quote of blue dollar and official dollar

Purchase Sale
Blue dollar $ 209.00 $ 213.00
Official dollar $ 104.71 $ 110.71

Today the official value of the dollar is $ 104.71 for a purchase and $ 110.71 for a sale. Blue dollar, $ 209.00 and $ 213.00, respectively. With these numbers, the variance puts the gap between the official dollar and the blue dollar at 99.18%.

With respect to the last trading day, blue continues with a steady trend as values: $ 208.50 for purchase and $ 212.50 for sale.

What is the blue dollar?

The blue dollar is the dollar obtained on the black market or the black market. In Argentina the term dollar is used to denote this, and it is also known as the blue, co-dollar or black dollar. These dollars are not purchased at banks or official barracks, but rather sold in “caves” or traditional “small trees” on the city’s main streets. The price of the blue dollar is usually higher than the official dollar and the gap will widen due to increased exchange restrictions or restrictions on buying dollars at official price increases. The size of the blue dollar market is small compared to other currencies. This, in turn, has an impact on the generation of social and economic expectations of potentially strong deflation. It is a variable used to create situations of political and financial instability.

The dollar is calculated with fluid or dollar leaks

It arises from the value of dollars that companies and wholesalers are willing to pay through a process known as “cashing in the account”. In the process, shares of Argentine companies or public securities listed on the New York Stock Exchange are bought on the peso and sold on that market. Thus, they receive dollar bills abroad, without official restrictions, at a higher price than the official price.

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