June 20, 2024

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France: Popular left-wing primary deepens differences | More than 400,000 citizens chose the only candidate who accepted the voting rules

From Paris

Instead of trying to recover, they wallow in their sadness and thus, experience more failure. The popular first was organized in France Choosing the left-wing candidate out of the 8 candidates for the April 2022 presidential election by a one-click ballot, without debate or agenda, caused more confusion, animosity and division than he would like. There is no union, or alliance, but the eleventh chapter of rudeness and misunderstandings.

The Former Justice Minister Christian Thoubra wins This has deepened the shortcomings of the Left: the foundations are shattered, and no strong party is in a position to impose a candidate strong enough to unite all branches of the Left. Organized by a group of citizens outside the orbit of the parties, Last Sunday, January 30, the Popular Primary invited more than 400,000 people to choose Christian Thoubra. In front of environmental activist Yannick Jodot and French President Inzumisa, Jean-Luc Mன்சlenchon. The peak of shame, Socialist candidate and mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo took fifth place Behind an unknown, MEP Pierre Larrouturou. These results differ from national polls, where Mன்சlenchon leads the 9% turnout target, followed by environmental activist Jadot and handkerchiefs, Hidalgo and Doubra.

Jean-Luc Mélenchon, Yannick Jadot and Anne Hidalgo had already announced that they would not submit to the results of that popular primary, and that their names were added without their permission. The case of Anne Hidalgo demonstrates the complete lack of coordination among progressives. In December, she proposed a primacy for herself, and then she changed her mind. Analysts speculate that the mayor of Paris may withdraw from the presidential election. His campaign failed, and today he is not concentrating on the 3% and 4% voting intentions. There are leaders within the French Socialist Party who choose this path, and many have already declared their support for the candidate or the candidate who emerges as the winner of the popular primary election. However, on Monday, the PS general secretary said that “the Socialist Party and candidate Ann Hidalgo are one and the same.”

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In total, Left-wing supporters have lost more than ever This click poll is full of good intentions, but with adverse consequences. Honestly, The only candidate who accepted the rules of the game from the beginning won. This advice is useless to some, ridiculous to others and depressing to the majority. In mid-January, Toubra was the last candidate of the Left. Lost in a twilight fog that hit the entire progressive curve, the left closed at a dead end this weekend. Christian Taubra promised to contact other candidates to “agree” on a common path, but no one paid attention to her. They criticized her as “still a candidate and did not even have a program like the Communist Fabian Russell did.” Jean-Luc Mélenchon yesterday denounced him for “further dividing the left.”

Even before French progressiveism began, it was excluded from the election campaign. The Left, tainted by racism, rhetorical attacks on foreigners, identity issues and extreme patriotism, never took part in the campaign to ask itself in that turbulent sea of ​​hatred. None of the 8 candidates reached the target of 10% of the vote. Taken together, leftists make up 25% of the total, less than two far-right candidates, Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour. The fall worries more than all the leaders, their inability to come to an agreement and lead themselves clearlyWith new proposals, for a voter, their concerns are no closer to the left.

Each poll shows two major concerns of French society, all related to purchasing power and ecology, and the shift towards greener lifestyles. In 2017, when Emmanuel Macron won, for the second time in the 21st century, there were no left-wing candidates in the second round of the presidential election (previously it happened in 2002). Between 2017 and 2022, five years passed without reading the pages of history written by parties, mainly PS or leaders. Now the Left is a prisoner of election time: the first round of the presidential election is still 70 days away, and it is too late to create a movement that has been frustrated for the past 5 years. If so, it will be gone in the final battle of the presidential election.

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The Socialist Party’s rapid slide, its perpetual flirtation with liberalism, and its cold inability to justify its extensive and prosperous social history are largely responsible for this catastrophe today. Distracted socialist sympathizers spread their votes amid the current president, Macron, M மெlenchon and other radical efforts. M மெlenchon has no bridge with the Socialists – he hates them – and the new ecology still anchored in social democracy is too new and too weak to create majority power. Social justice, ecology or democracy has always been the common ground of the left. The discrepancy between all progressive options obscured the security of those values. Each candidate represents a section of the electorate, but no one unites them, even though Mன்சlenchon has consistently been a reference to the Left’s votes and public presence.

There is no success without unity. In 1981, when the Socialist Franுவாois Mitterrand won the presidential election, he was supported by a common program contracted with the then influential Communists. In French, the expression “save furniture” means not to lose everything. Perhaps Thoubera’s victory and his national praise will be enough to recreate a dynamic that moves the Left from electoral defeat. Christian Thoubra The woman who was among the insults, racial slurs, ruthless ridicule (they treated her like a monkey) and hundreds of thousands of protesters in the street. He passed the law sanctifying same-sex marriage in 2013 until final approval. Popular primaries may be the path to rebirth or the grave. For now, they have been an uncertain ambition.

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