September 27, 2023

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Ann Frank | They stopped printing the book they were supposed to have provided Criticism from academics prompted the publisher’s decision

The controversy over the name of the man who freed Ann Frank and his family has been settled in recent hours Decision to stop printing the book stating that a notary is responsible for the condemnation.

Dutch publisher Ambo Andos reported it on Tuesday, arguing that there was suspicion in the investigation pointing to Arnold van den Berg. “We sincerely apologize to anyone who was offended by the book.”They said in a statement.

About The betrayal of Anne FrankWent on sale last January 18th. Its author, Rosemary Sullivan, points to Van den Berg, who held a firm position in the Jewish community of Amsterdam. He would have given the hideout to protect his family.

Ann Frank, her parents and her sister, along with four others, stayed in one room for two years until the Nazis forcibly entered on August 4, 1944. All eight occupiers went to the extermination camps. Ana’s father Otto is the only survivor.

Sullivan has had to face controversy in recent days. Eric Somers of NIOD, an expert in World War II, questioned the rigors of Sullivan and his team, a former member of the FBI. “They seem to be operating from the perspective of Van Den Berg guilty, and they have found a motive to do so.”, He said. The basis for the indictment against the notary is an anonymous letter received in 1946 by Otto Frank.

This decision took Sullivan and his team by surprise. Peter von Twisk, one of the researchers, promised the team “Totally shocked” By decision of the publisher; Even a week ago there was a meeting with teachers About the post “Extensive reaction later”.

The controversy erupted around the time Neflix was screening his film My best friend is Anne Frank. The film stars young Anna’s best friend Hannah Kosler. The two met in Germany before leaving for Amsterdam after the rise of Nazism, and reunited in the Bergen-Belsen camp, where Ana met her death. Hannah can be saved Today he is 93 years old.

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