December 8, 2023

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Bolsonaro is disabled from contesting elections in Brazil until 2030

Bolsonaro is disabled from contesting elections in Brazil until 2030

Former president of Brazil Jair Bolsonaro was Electoral disqualification for eight years Abuse of power Against Lula during the 2022 elections in the framework of a disinformation mechanism about the electoral system before his defeat.

Four judges voted to convict Bolsonaro, who lost an October election to leftist Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva. Abuse of political power and misuse of mediaOne did not.

The process resumed with the votes of the Vice President of the Magistrate and Superior Electoral Tribunal, Carmen Lucia Antunes, the President of the Tribunal, Alexandre de Moraes and Casio Nunes Marquez.

The Superior Electoral Tribunal had a four-out-of-seven majority with Justice Antunes voting. Focusing on the central point of inquiry A meeting organized by BolsonaroOn July 18, 2022, he summoned fifty foreign diplomats to the official residence of the President to seriously disqualify the electoral system.

In Thursday’s session, magistrates Floriano de Acevedo Marquez and Andre Ramos Tavares also voted in favor of the sentence now facing the Liberal Party (PL) leader.

Marquez, for his part, explained how Bolsonaro questioned the credibility of the electoral system Throughout 2022: “The president can legally avoid, defend his beliefs, distrust, but create institutional doubts about the reliability of the electoral system he was elected many times, or not on national television, much less in front of representatives of foreign countries”.

A vote against disqualification

Raul Araujo was the only judgeUntil now, He raised his voice against disqualification Bolsonaro’s election campaign for the next eight years. The lawyer acknowledged the former president’s disinformation campaign, but noted that “the need is very serious.”

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“The content of the speech, in its reprehensible parts, had little effect on the basis of its effort Make polls illegalThis is the central contention of the complaint,” Araujo argued.

The lawyer added that the former president’s freedom of expression should be respected and there was nothing “out of the ordinary” in his speech before the delegation at the Alvorada Palace.