December 9, 2022

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Journalist Guillermo Fawcett’s dramatic story about the hell he lived through alcohol and drugs: “It’s already unsustainable.”

Guillermo Favale in Free Beings – Part 1

Guillermo Favale was invited Independent creatures There he opened up in a conversation with Gaston Pauls about his addiction to drugs and alcohol, in addition to the difficult recovery process he faced.

At the beginning of the speech, the presenter of the show asked the journalist why he accepted the invitation to tell his story. “I think we all have problems, maybe those of us who are more sensitive, affect them differently, live them differently, feel them with different intensity, look for a way to avoid it. Sometimes it hurts so much. Sometimes we find temporary solutions and those pains become chronic. The problem also becomes chronic, and it takes a long time to realize that you are in big trouble. “ Fowell replied.

Guillermo recalled how his addiction to alcohol began when he was 14 or 15 years old. “Then, heavy things went in and then intertwined without interruption for many years. I can tell you that I was in that position between the ages of 18 and 36, almost daily, he admitted, and raised awareness about the effects of addiction. “Leave the sequels. Those sequels that are invisible and hard on you, at least in my case, make the bond harder for me.Promised to news anchor on C5N.

“Being a structured guy in that aspect saved my life”. In this sense, he explained that he lived a double life with two completely different personalities. “I had schedules, I had activities, I built it in such a way that it allowed me to survive because there were situations where I could end up because I was a structured guy. Being a structured guy in that aspect saved my life, but it was difficult to understand,” the journalist said.

Guillermo Favale in Free Beings – Part 2

“Consumption has categories, there is a part of great ecstasy where there is no concept or contradiction to say it right, and then problems start to appear. Alcohol is an escape. I think this is a very elusive drug, I always say so. The combination of the two made me a different person or It revealed a page I didn’t want to reveal much, but it freed me up and made me a beast in many aspects. It made me a more violent person, more arrogant, and more contemptible. Well, less human beings”, He explained.

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“I made some bad decisions together. They devastated me. In every sense, in seven months they devastated me professionally, financially and vulnerably. That’s when it was over. I went to the hospital alone, I made that decision. I do not want to go into detail. In that moment my life was ruined, all I had left was my parents and my sisters, the rest, nothing … it disappeared at that moment, and then many more who had helped me appeared and I was allowed to be who I was again. Those who are a part of my family. I finally had two children with one of them ”, Fowell described.

“There I started a long abstinence process, which allowed me to get out of the previous situation that was already unsustainable and stop myself. Then I was able to gain stability at times,” he said. But each time it fell, I got back on track and hit it with everything. As the nights are not over yet, as the problems get bigger and bigger, without enough money, you risk your life, the lives of third parties, and put together everything that could go wrong, ”he admitted.

“If I’ve been here, I feel like I can now. If I had not said it before, the fear that I would fail and fail, and then say something I can not bear. Hit a thousand times, I should never say. That process was long, started that day and they told me I had to go to the hospital, it ended up crystallizing as a father, as the partner of the woman who gave me a big hand and gave me a ticket to Spain. At the worst moment of my life, my lifeI started the first intensive care unit in Barcelona, ​​which allowed me to stay clean for four years, which was in the process of giving birth to my children, “he concluded.

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