May 22, 2024

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Brazil: Lula Elon Musk | Foreign millionaires “must learn to live here,” he replied.

Brazil: Lula Elon Musk |  Foreign millionaires “must learn to live here,” he replied.

From Brasilia

Luis Inacio Lula da Silva put in his place Elon MuskOwner of the platform Some foreign “millionaires” have to “adapt” to Brazilian standards. Musk, who he did not name, said he had to “learn to live here.”.

A statement was issued in responseNationalized American South African businessman for insults referring to Brazilian justice Supporters of Jair Bolsonaro for removing messages inciting coups and other crimes.

Challenging the Supreme Federal Court Musk has threatened to put subversive profiles on air, such as a blogger so popular among dissident and extremist tribes that there is an arrest warrant against him.


Lula's statements at the Planaldo Palace were preceded by statements from the Minister of Institutional Relations, Alexandre Padilla, For whom, since last Saturday, when Musk's attack began, there is “An unacceptable attack on the Supreme Federal Court and Brazilian sovereignty”.

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Luis Roberto BarrosoAfter waging a “life-or-death” battle against coup plotters, the country now faces the audacity of a foreigner “disgruntled” with democracy, an official note maintained.

To the President of the Congress, Senator Rodrigo PachecoA democratic conservative, The Mephistophelian use of social networks to “capture hate-mongering minds” is wreaking havoc on organizations. He demanded that deputies, where Bolsonaro is in the majority, approve the law, which already has half approval in the upper house. Regulating the conduct of high technologiesTo put an end to “anything goes”.


However, after receiving warnings from top Brazilian executive, judicial and legislative authorities, the owner of multinationals X, Starlink and Space responded with more arrogance. with the arrogance of the new imperial rulers. That super elite whose turnover exceeds the gross output of many developing countries.

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Musk treated Lula like a “dog” as he was chained around the neck by Supreme Court member and judge Alexandre de Moraes.

“That judge should resign” or be fired, Selvandar proposed. Hours later, several far-right lawmakers, perhaps aligned with Bolsonaro and Musk, announced their intention to hold Moraes' trial in the lower house.


In January 2023 Moraes was the magistrate in charge of proceedings related to Jair Bolsonaro's coup and “digital militias”. This last case began to be investigated by the “disgusting cabinet” established in Planaldo during the previous government, headed by the president's son. Carlos BolsonaroFake news was spread in an overt manner with right-wing profiles and journalists responsible for amplifying these stories in the mainstream press.

This judge, with a shaved head and the demeanor of an MMA fighter, does not seem intimidated by the power of Musk, who launched an investigation precisely in the context of a case about “digital fighters”. In his reasoning, he pointed out that there were indications that X's owner had incited crimes and obstructed justice. This Tuesday, Judge Moraes ordered the federal police to investigate the executives of Brazil-based Platform X.


At the same time, activities continue regarding Musk, who has shown no interest in returning to the country after a visit by then-President Zaire in 2022. Bolsonaro welcomed him almost like a head of state. The meeting took place in the city of Puerto Felice, where a smiling Musk and Bolsonaro talked about multimillion-dollar businesses such as satellite communications in the Amazon. Also on the cards was the expansion of Tesla, which market analysts predicted as the dominant brand in the electric vehicle market.

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good then, With Lula's victory And his visit to the government in January 2023, The businesses of South African entrepreneurs have not achieved the imagined expansion. Tesla is still in Brazil, but far from the rapid growth of Chinese brands like BYD, which is building assembly plants at full speed thanks to the rapprochement between Lula and the Chinese tycoon. Xi Jinping.


Now, let's come to the inquiries made by Justice Moraes According to this reasoning, only products are marketed and users are monetized in this country, but no strategic decisions are taken about the content.

This approach, Judge Moraes pointed out, is unsustainable: it attempts to circumvent Brazilian laws through a form of “jurisdictional immunity”. For the Supreme Court, Musk's threats to overrule local laws should have no effect.

Every company operating in Brazil is subject to national laws and “No CEO is above the law”Judges Barroso and said Edson FauchinMoraes' colleagues on the Supreme Court.