May 19, 2024

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18 tips to save energy at home and which appliances use the most

18 tips to save energy at home and which appliances use the most
Tips for saving energy at home (illustrative information)

Both services will launch in the coming months the light A significant increase in gas will be affected and will begin to use the new plan prepared Energy SecretaryThis directly affects user consumption.

In this context, the criteria for accessing state aid in the form of consumption subsidies will be more restrictive than in practice, so many users will see new increases in their electricity bills. Energy Over the next few months.

Electricity and gas utilities will stop receiving subsidies and start using a new scheme prepared by the Ministry of Energy.

Thus, electricity tariff hikes and maintaining a balanced budget continue to be a challenge is becoming more and more important Improve energy consumption at home. But beyond economic circumstances, energy conservation has always been a fundamental activity that contributes to the care of the planet.

With rising electricity bills and the constant challenge of maintaining a balanced budget, improving energy consumption at home is becoming increasingly important.

From cleaning and upgrading lighting to choosing fixtures wisely, we've rounded up everything you need to know to reduce energy consumption without compromising user comfort or finances.

Very much Edesur as Edanor They recommend basic steps as first steps:

  • Always turn off lights and appliances Heating One Refrigeration In rooms not in use.
  • Use lights LED lights
  • Disconnect All unnecessary devices To avoid so-called vampire consumption.

It is also important when buying new Household appliancesLike refrigerator, electric stove, iron or television, Energy efficiency label verified. It is usually stuck on the device and has a color scale:

  • Green or Letter A is the lowest spender.
  • Red or marked The letter G is the most used and least efficient device.
When buying new appliances, check the energy efficiency label

The LED lights It is a great partner for low energy consumption, but it is important:

  • Check that all the lights in the house are low consumption, especially the lights that are used the most.
  • Keep them clean And influencing They lose 50% of their brightness when they are dirty or in poor condition.
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When talking about housework, Washing machine and iron They are key components to speed up cleaning but they use a lot of energy. Experts recommend:

  • Do not wash multiple times At half load, it is preferable to combine and do a single wash.
  • Select Short economic plan and consumes less energy.
  • In the case of a washing machine, you should use Always cold waterHeating creates 80% more energy consumption.
  • The Iron Less power is used as it is used longer.
It is recommended not to do multiple washes at half load, it is preferable to choose a single wash, short and economical program that consumes less energy.

During home office hours, the Computer It has become a major contributor to the electricity bill, that's why It is important to turn it off after working hours. Consumption in mode to stand Reflects up to 70% of consumption in ON mode Video game consoles.

PC consumption in standby mode reflects up to 70% consumption in EFE/Sáshenka Gutierrez/File mode

As autumn sets in and the cold sets in, here are some tips for those who are Heating by electricity:

  • He Heater It is a compact option that suits almost all environments and pockets Big spender: can be achieved A low consumption power board consumes three times moreInstead today it is offered as a more efficient option.
  • At the same time A Heater 2000 W of electricity consumes an average of 2 KW per hour, a group Consumes about 0.60 kWh. The latter does not require complex installation and is usually a standard heating method.
A standard electric radiator has an hourly consumption of about 0.96 kWh. (Freepik)
  • He Fixed electric radiator It is one of the spenders with a minimum consumption of 0.96 kWh per hour.
  • He Refrigeration As long as the equipment is kept in 20° heating mode, this increases the consumption to 1.01 kWh. It should be taken into account that For every degree the thermostat is raised, energy demand increases by 7 to 9%.
  • The Inverter technology air conditioners are more expensive, but allow you to reduce energy consumption by up to 40% Compared to conventional equipment.
  • The Quartz stove (2 candles), consumes 1.20 kWh.
With simple changes in daily habits, our energy consumption can make a significant difference in ENDESA

Also, pTo achieve efficient heating, it is important to properly insulate rooms so that heat is not lost:

  • should be Close the windows well and doors to minimize cold air leakage.
  • Use Weather stripping or cauldron.
  • Do not forget to ventilate the rooms. During the day, curtains and blinds should be opened Take advantage of the natural light and heat provided by the sun. At night, close the glass surfaces and lower the blinds to protect them from the cold.
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With simple changes in daily habits, you can make a significant difference in energy consumption and your monthly bills.