July 21, 2024

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Brazil: Neo-Nazis threaten to assassinate Lula da Silva | “We will not be intimidated or remain silent!”, The Labor Party replied

Brazil: Neo-Nazis threaten to assassinate Lula da Silva |  “We will not be intimidated or remain silent!”, The Labor Party replied

Gleisi Hoffmann, leader of the Labor Party (PT), made the announcement on social media. Death threats against neo-Nazi groups Lula da SilvaInvestigates fascist groups against the primary candidate for the October presidential election and another PT deputy and a councilor. Hoffman promised on his networks that “PT will take action to ensure that criminals are identified and punished.”

This is not the first time threats against Lula have been made in an environment where far – right Jair Bolsanaro has been promoted by fascist news promoted since taking office. A year ago, the PT had already condemned another threat by Sao Paulo businessman Jose Sabatini, who released a video of him shooting the former president in the face.

In his message, Hoffman expressed solidarity with Maria do Rosario, national deputy and secretary of the PT’s political formation; And the councilor of Porto Alegre Lionel Rode received threats. “They will not intimidate or silence us! Thank you for your unity, comrade. The hatred that the fascist government is developing in Brazil will not prevail,” wrote Do Rosario, a former human rights minister during Dilma Rousseff’s presidency.

The current national deputy, citing Bolsanaro’s decree, said he believed “hatred is disappearing and darkness is nearing its end” and had lodged a complaint with the Chamber of Deputies and the federal police for threats. Weeks ago, Issa Penna was also a supporter of the Socialist and Freedom Party (PSOL) in Sவோo Paulo. Threatened by fascist groups.

Both Hoffman and Do Rosario sent their salutations to Councilman Lionel Rode, who condemned the threats made by neo-Nazi groups against him and Lula. According to Rode, the threatening news indicated that he would be assassinated on October 31, one day after the scheduled date for the second round of elections.

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Rode explained that they had received threatening messages on WhatsApp and the Telegram, describing their content: “In the news, GIFs and a very violent video were sent in which a black woman was hanged and killed by white supremacists, probably in the United States.”

“Rather than text messages, the video was an obvious threat. Actions have already been taken. We warn the Nazi-fascists again: we will not remain silent!” Rio Grande do Sul.