March 25, 2023

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What the “Nightwatch” looks like: The $ 223.2 million aircraft designed to withstand nuclear explosions

Boeing E-4 in full flight. (Creative Commons)

A few days ago, the British media and aviation portals announced their presence One of the most specific aircraft in the world Flies over their sky. This is the so-called aircraft Night watch Joined the US Air Force and was used by President Joe Biden for his recent Europe tour.

The device in question is a Militarized model of Boeing 747-200 called E-4B. The ship is very special because it is not only for carrying one of the most important leaders in the world Ready to withstand nuclear explosions. For this reason, it is also known as the “aircraft of the end of the world” because it entered service in the midst of the Cold War when the threat of a global nuclear crisis had disappeared.

The plane also a Conference room, presentation room, working group work area, communication area and a break area. Added with these features, The aircraft is capable of refueling in mid-flight A further 112 people had to be loaded inside.

Picture of the night clock on the landing pad.  (Creative Commons)
Picture of the night clock on the landing pad. (Creative Commons)

That too has all its features Wire mesh reinforced windows And there is a dome called the “radome” Dozens of specially designed satellite dishes and antennas, so the aircraft can communicate from the air with any American ship, submarine or other aircraft in the world.

The E-4B was derived from the E-4A, which was issued to the US Air Force (USAAF) in January 1980, until late 1974, when the United States government co-designed the first B model with Boeing. After 5 years, all aircraft became P-models with their respective upgrades and are still in service today. According to the official USAAF website, they currently have 4 aircraft. Night watch Active duty and Each valued at $ 223.2 million.

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This is not all, according to the site, An airline is always in service 24 hours a day, 365 days a yearIts Global Monitoring Group is active on one of the many selected sites worldwide.

Joe Biden disembarked from Air One during his visit to Poland.  Patryk Ogorzaleki / Agencja
Joe Biden disembarked from Air One during his visit to Poland. Patryk Ogorzaleki / Agencja

The last incarnation of what became known as the “Flying Pentagon” in England was similar to the tour he undertook. Joe Biden In Europe, however, the anti-nuclear aircraft was not used by the president, who traveled to the old continent aboard the Air One. It is used to support logistics and in case of possible emergencies.

This is the confrontation between Russia and Ukraine. The United States does not take risks and prepares itself to assist its president in dealing with a nuclear emergency.. NATO also announced yesterday that it had reached an agreement on cyber security assistance and equipment that would help Ukraine defend itself against biological, chemical, radiological and nuclear threats.

Fear of a nuclear attack arises from the words Dmitry Peskov, A Kremlin spokesman said a few days ago that Russia had not yet achieved its military objectives and that Moscow had refused to reject its use of nuclear weapons. “If this is an existential threat to our country, it may be,” the Russian official said in an interview.

Vladimir PutinThe President of Russia issued a statement explaining that the use of nuclear weapons cannot be ruled out, saying, “Even if they try to stand in our way, or even create more threats to our country and our people, they should know that Russia will respond immediately, the consequences of which are unprecedented in their entire history.”

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