April 1, 2023

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Broncos lose to Seahawks because rookie coach Nathaniel Hackett was clueless in Seattle

Broncos lose to Seahawks because rookie coach Nathaniel Hackett was clueless in Seattle

Seattle – On a long plane ride home to the Broncos Country, I hope Nathaniel Hackett sleeps after an unwarranted 17-16 loss to the Seahawks, because if you ask me, the rookie Denver coach seemed clueless in Seattle.

Instead of putting football in the hands of quarterback Russell Wilson, who was recently awarded a $245 million contract extension by the Broncos, during the final seconds of the fourth quarter, Hackett was hoping and praying that kicker Brandon McManus could create a 64-yard field and win the game.

How did that work for you, coach?

“We just made our decision and wanted to take this photo,” Hackett said.

His explanation for the head-scratching decision during the post-match press conference was more of an over-caffeinated than a triple espresso, with Hackett nervously citing a sack on the Broncos’ final possession that never happened, while also questioning Denver’s attacking ability. which averaged 6.8 yards on 64 shots to produce a cut play.

Fourth down and five from the 46-yard Seattle line, Wilson stood at the gun until Hackett called timeout and sent McManus onto the field to attempt the longest field goal ever by anyone in Lumen Field history.

“The 46 yards left of the hash was my line to get there. They got there,” McManus wrote on Twitter. “I need to take the kick.”

While we can all appreciate McManus’ responsibility, Hackett has put his player in a position to fail. During a distinguished career in the NFL, McManus has now made one of eight attempts from over 60 yards.

A year ago, NFL offenses turned 49% of the time into the fourth and fifth positions. I detailed. So you do the math and tell me if Hackett played the odds correctly.

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“I believe in coach Hackett. His 101.3 quarterback rating against his former team deserved the quarterback on the path to a place of honor in the Professional Football Hall of Fame,” said Wilson.

So why would Wilson get out of the game when there’s plenty of time on the clock to complete the pass and call the timeout and put McManus in a more reasonable position to score a field goal?

“He texts a dangerous guy, especially in a small yardage. He can achieve a lot of things,” Seahawks midfielder Oceana Nyusu said. him in this position.” “

From start to finish, the Broncos played like a poorly trained team led by an inexperienced defensive coordinator, first-time offensive coordinator and Hackett, who was never forced to take on the music due to game management errors that turned Vic Fangio into Piñata. For the angry fanatics in Denver.

There was terribly poor tackle and defensive tackles, including a misunderstanding that allowed Will Disley’s court finish to fun and free to land for 38 yards on the game’s opening Seattle drive. There were so many deadly punishments that I lost count of all the yellow handkerchiefs scattered at Bronco’s feet.

It was as if the Denver defense went on summer vacation instead of engaging in the basics of football during pre-season. Wait what? Oh never mind. Hackett believes that Augustus was made for cuddling, not interfering.

I know Broncos Country took the Uncle Vic name to no avail, but after watching this team make Geno Smith look like Patrick Mahomes, it was enough to make the guys wonder if Denver could keep Fangio as defensive coordinator. Read this and try not to cry: The underrated professional who became the Seahawks quarterback by default completed 23 of 28 passes for 195 yards and two touchdowns against the Broncos.

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Validation of Smith, reached by the Jets, Giants and Chargers before finding a home in Seattle?

“I always felt validated,” he said. “So this win is of no use to me.”

The design of Hackett’s quick passes and short passes was nothing short of fantastic. Not being surgically accurate in hitting receivers in space yards after hunting, Wilson was only ejected twice while backtracking to pass 44 times.