June 1, 2023

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ST Heads coach Dave Taub says he’s never seen a kick like Harrison Poetker

ST Heads coach Dave Taub says he's never seen a kick like Harrison Poetker

to many Kansas City Chiefs For the fans, the unpredictability of the kicking game has always been part of the team’s pursuit – sometimes with heartbreaking results. It is fair to say, however, that developments in Sunday victory 21-44 Over the Arizona Cardinals It was unprecedented.

Chiefs Kicker Harrison Poetker left the match afterwards Rolling his ankle at the beginning of the first quarter. Next, Justin Reed went to safety in one-for-two attempts in extra attempts for points after the team’s next two touchdowns. Poetker then returned to kick a 54-yard field goal at the end of the half – while only taking one step closer to the kick. Potker kicked three more points, while Reed continued to handle kickoffs throughout the duration.

Assistant Technical Director and Special Teams Coordinator Def Top revealed this on Which In context, he had never seen Poetker take a kick like the one that ended the first half.

“I’ve never seen him make a single move from 54 yards,” he exclaimed. “I’ve never seen that before. I’ve seen him hit 30 yards just to warm up—and after that, he goes straight to his normal stride.”

While he admitted that having a player who can shoot a goal on the ground so quickly may give a competitive advantage, Tope said he doesn’t expect Boetker to continue the one-step move.

“I don’t think that would be natural for him – only that he would feel like he was losing a lot of strength,” Taub assumed. “Strength is important to him – and it is important to us. You don’t want to have a lot of different techniques. [But] There is something to be said about how he was able to adapt. It definitely says something about his professionalism.”

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Top was impressed with how Reed did in the question – but we shouldn’t expect the team to be too aggressive with the league’s first hybrid safety/kicker system. Top said that during the match, he gave coach Andy Reed an appreciation of the shooting range on the field.

He recalls, “I told Andy during the game that if we had to keep going with him, I thought if we got the ball on the 25-yard line, we’d be fine with him. Which would be 43 yards or so.”

Photo by Norm Hall/Getty Images

According to Top, Justin Reed was not a candidate to attempt the goal at the end of the half.

“There was no thought of hitting that long spank,” he explained. “If we hadn’t had Butker at the time – if we didn’t think we had a Butker – we probably would have gone there. I think that was way too far out of his reach there, realistically.”

While the Chiefs have strict limits on trusting the unexpected reserve kick, Top still admires the veteran safety talent.

“He used to play football when he was younger,” the coach explained. “So he understands its movement and where the ball is supposed to go on his foot. Growing up, I’m sure – as a soccer player and soccer player – he started kicking football at a young age, and he has talent.

“We heard that when we first got him — but then we got out there, he kept teasing me about wanting to beat them up in practice. When I watched him, I was like, ‘Wow, he’s got a lot of talent.’ He’s real, and he did. It’s a thing. Unbelievable – but also impressive.”

During Sunday’s match against Pittsburgh SteelersThe Cincinnati Bengals Clark Harris lost the long snapper to injury Without him in extra time, the Bengal team missed several chances to win a field goal before eventually losing the match. Should the Chiefs find themselves in such an emergency, Tope has a player in mind: Travis Kelsey’s Court End

“That’s why you do these things,” Taub said, “so you don’t hold back when something goes wrong. You throw a guy — and you expect him to play at a high level.” [Justin Reid] He did a good job for us to jump in there. He was definitely the best player on our special teams this week.”

Putker put into Thursday’s game against Los Angeles Chargers remains to be seen. On Mondays estimated injury report It was given an advertisementid is not practice Designation. the bosses Former New York Jets player Matt Amendola signed Monday’s training team.

However, Top wants Poetker back as soon as possible – and goes on to say he is a special talent that can be compared to the player widely considered the best player in the league: Justin Tucker. Baltimore Ravens.

“It is on the right neck and neck with [Tucker], in my opinion—but I’m a little biased,” he admitted. “His work ethic and everything about Butker is top notch. So I was going to put it there. It’s one and two there – those two are for sure.”