May 21, 2024

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Caesar Milani blamed the United States and the United Kingdom for Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, and pointed to Vladimir Putin’s role.

Caesar Milani blamed the United States and the United Kingdom for Russia’s occupation of Ukraine, and pointed to Vladimir Putin’s role.

After 18 days Russian invasion of Ukraine During the last government of Cristina Kirschner, the former leader of the Argentine army killed thousands of people. Caesar Milani, He blamed the United States and the United Kingdom for Russia’s attacks and blamed Vladimir Putin.

The main culprit is NATO. The United Kingdom, the United States, Putin and Russia have all suffocated. If Ukraine enters NATO, NATO was on the border with Russia. This is unacceptable to Russia and Mint, “he said. MilaniIn radio reports Rebel Radio.

“The United States is behind all this, no doubt,” said the retired soldier, explaining that the Russian invasion of Ukraine did not happen overnight, but rather that the actions of the West were a factor in the consequences of the war.

“They are the main reason for this incident. If Russia’s claims were legitimate claims, NATO should not be placed on Russia’s border …”Milani raised.

Milani criticized the Western media and the Argentine opposition for waging war in UkraineDiego Lima – Archive

The main person responsible for the death of the Ukrainians, the main person responsible for the death of the Russians, the main person responsible for what happens to the displaced, the displaced people is the United States.; In second place is England. They are leading other NATO countries by the nose, ”he said.

While acknowledging that “war is a humanitarian catastrophe, it is an unacceptable fact that it produces dead, wounded, mutilated civilians and innocents in particular,” he said, adding that Putin had acted better.

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“Putin is not Stalin, he is not communism”Milani inspected. “This is not a Western democracy. The Russian people have been electing Putin for 20 years. For me, Putin is the most important leader in the world so far in this century,” he said.

“By this I do not support the war, let it be well understood. The war cannot tear the clothes off. Yes there is a war, there are deaths, it is tragic and painful, what NATO has done in the last 50 years is tragic and painful.“, He added.

On the other hand, he said that the day of the Russian invasion was an important historical fact. “It simply came to our notice then I think this is the date we need to take into account, as February 24th for me was when someone stood at the international board and slammed the table and said that unilateralism was over.. An alliance or good reconciliation is born between Russia and China, ”he acknowledged.

In addition, he targeted the press for criticizing the Russian president: “The Western media portrays Putin as a savage, a demon, and compares him to Stalin and Hitler. I remind you that the greatest concentration of neo-Nazi addicts is in Ukraine, not in Russia. This is what Putin is trying to do, expel these people.

Caesar Milani was the head of the Argentine army when Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was president.
Caesar Milani was the head of the Argentine army when Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner was president.Nation

He questioned the opposition for taking a pro-Ukrainian stance: “I never heard Macri, I never heard Bulrich tear his clothes off when the United States invaded and caused hundreds of thousands of deaths.. So what happens? Is there a double standard? Is it a disaster when Russia produces the dead, and is it okay when the US produces them?”.

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With regard to the future of the war, Milani analyzes the situation and considers that the end is near. ”I hope this will inevitably provoke a military defeat in Ukraine The United States must sit at the negotiating table in the presence of Ukraine and the European Union to prevent NATO from being brought into Ukraine. Recognize the independent republic, recognize Crimea, ”he said.

He added: “I think Russia needs to get this done quickly.

Explaining his views on the causes of the armed conflict, he said: “Here is a historical question that deeply integrates the historical, political, social, cultural, ethnic, religious and family ties between Russia and Ukraine. Of course there are deep geopolitical and strategic roots. Let’s think about the following, one can find us, otherwise, one believes that suddenly Putin woke up one morning, and it seemed to him that the invasion of Ukraine.”.

“NATO spread eastward after the fall of the Soviet Socialist Republics. He was warning about this problem, which Europe is somewhat aware of. Putin expressed it in various forums,” he said.

“Let us remember that in the Donbass region there has been the conflict and victory of a civil war for 20 years,” Milani warned: “In 2014 the agreements were not fulfilled and Putin came back more firmly To warn the world, to inform the world, the agreements have not been fulfilled because this government, at the same time, is asking NATO to annex Ukraine. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back”.

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“As I said, war is the worst thing that can happen and I hope the Russians will not happily take over the invasion of a brotherly country, Ukraine,” he said.