June 23, 2024

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Why Tracey journalist Carolina Amoroso is returning from Ukraine

Why Tracey journalist Carolina Amoroso is returning from Ukraine

According to the report, the channel showed a high demand for journalists, which led to the early return of Carolina Amoroso from Ukraine.

He had some fear, but from the preparation they demanded that he watch the war. They said it showed a lot of hotel “, Reported on the show Karina Masoko. Instead of Amoroso, the product sent another journalist: Nelson Castro.

Apparently, Carolina Amoroso presented some difficulties while crossing the border and El Trace decided to return to Argentina to do other kinds of work. According to A la Tarde, the journalist was outraged by the decision and demanded it “When she returned, they all returned.”

Through his social networks, the journalist showed the media some exclusive details about his coverage. With exclusive newspapers and reports, Amoroso stood alone to show some unique stories of the war and to leave the common area covered by other journalists. Now, Carolina will return to the country, but from this moment it is not clear which direction her life will take.


Carolina Amoroso: An industry dedicated to travel

At age 36, Caroline is loving Spent too much time on the trip. “Because of my father’s work, we lived in Venezuela and Ecuador, and then they lived in Mexico, near the U.S. border, and I came to study in Rio Janeiro, Brazil, but I traveled a lot to see them. Get to know those countries from experience. It is priceless. I know we struggle a lot in Latin America because the same scourges pass us by, but I was still as impressed as when I first went to a New Year’s Eve party in Venezuela.Said the journalist in a note with La Nación.