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Travel to Italy to play Mauricio Macri Bridge and add more miles | It also plans to travel to Spain, the United States and Qatar

Travel to Italy to play Mauricio Macri Bridge and add more miles |  It also plans to travel to Spain, the United States and Qatar

One of Mauricio Macri’s options is to play bridge. There have been no international matches since October 2019. The World Cup will take place in Italy later this month. The former president plans to travel there, and for this reason, he sought permission from Federal Judge Julian Ergolini. Macri was prosecuted by the ARA for spying on San Juan’s relatives-. Ergolini accepted Macri’s request and left the reserve, as requested by the former president’s security, where he will stay during his trip, which will include Spain, the United States and Qatar – the venue for the next World Cup.

Macri had the 45th Bridge World Championship on his agenda, journalist Rhodes Recall posted on Revista weeks ago News. The competition will take place between March 27 and April 9 at the Salsomagior Term in Pharma. Macri is one of the senior team members representing the countryAs emerges from South American Bridge Federation website.

Friday, Macri’s attorney, Pablo Lanusse submitted a document in which he stated that he planned to leave Macri country between March 25 and April 9. At that presentation he announced that he would create another one with details of his stay, but asked Ergolini to book it so that the other party would not have access to it. Dates coincide with the Bridge match.

At noon today, Ergolini recognized Macri’s new voyage, which included not only his time in Italy, but also Spain, the United States and Qatar.According to the resolution he agreed to Page 12-. The judge had already announced that he would approve Macri’s request to leave the country because he understood that they were justified by his standards as former president, and that this was the standard established by Mar del Plata’s Federal Chamber during the trial. Processed in Dolores.

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Currently, Macri is out of the country. He traveled to the United States on Sunday to attend classes at the Adam Smith Center for Economic Freedom at Florida International University. It will be until March 21st. A few days ago, he made a day trip to Montevideo – by private plane – as part of a company event dedicated to the seafaring markets. Complaint leading to Valeria Carreras He resisted his journey and recalled it One of his star advisers on judicial affairs, Fabian “Bebin” Rodriguez Simon, escaped there.

An investigation into Macri’s involvement in spying on the relatives of the crew of the ARA San Juan submarine that sank in November 2017 began on October 1. That day, Federal Judge Martin Bawa – who replaced Dolores – decided to summon him for questioning. Coincidentally, while the former president was traveling in the United States, he received the news. Macri was able to extend his presentation before a magistrate for more than a month, and he executed him last December 1st. For Bawa, Macri ordered work to be carried out by the Federal Intelligence Agency (AFI) on families between 2017 and 2018. According to the judge, the spies follow the relatives and expect what their claims will be in a matter that attracts Macri. International focus.

Condemn concessions

Carreras objected to Ergolini’s granting “exclusion” to the practice of Macri’s travel, arguing that it was unfounded and increased fears about the former president’s flight. But the magistrate did not share his opinion. “We warn as a complaint that there is no equality before the law or that there is no impartial judge in the case of the ARA spying on the families of San Juan illegally. We have already challenged Ergolini, “said Carreras Page 12 After learning of the decision of the Federal Court 10. “Now, we have only international justice, and our commitment is assured: Commodore Bagh guarantees impunity.”

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In a summary he issued Monday morning, attorney Macri made a lengthy reference to recent visits and how they have been advertised in the media:

  • He was in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, where he is also known to have eaten at the El Lesazo restaurant where he cooks pergaminens.

  • He went to Chile to talk about climate change, but not the newspaper Clarion He hoped he would hold a meeting with Sebastian Pinera to offer his public support.

  • In the summer he alternated between the Kumelan Country House and Joe Louis’ farm in Villa la Angostura. Published this diary.

Macri did not appear to have moved much by the implementation of the case in which he was the main defendant, especially after taking the case to the Federal Chamber of Criminal Cases. Now, that The Federal Chamber of Buenos Aires wants the ARA to reconsider its case for spying on the families of San Juan.. Carreras challenged three members of Chamber I, Pablo Pertussi, Mariano Lawrence and Leopoldo Brooklia, to tackle the cup, and the entire process was suspended until these issues were resolved.

Former AFI leaders Gustavo Aripas and Sylvia Majdalani have also been charged with spying for the families of submarines. Other key directors within the former SIDE include former meeting director Eduardo Wingler – now an official in the Buenos Aires city ministry – and former director of counter-intelligence Diego Dalmவ் Pereira. And Martin Ghost. Bawa also sued Nicolas Youssef Benitez, the former head of the delegation, and five other agents who worked under his command, as investigations were conducted from the Mar del Plata site.

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