April 23, 2024

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Chile mandates exception state in north due to migration crisis | President Sebastian Pinera fortified the northern frontier with 100 carabiners and agents of more than 600 armed forces.

The President of Chile, Sebastian Pinera Ordered the exception state in the four provinces of the northern frontier. According to the outgoing president, the move will allow the armed forces to interfere in internal affairs and work with the police. Controls migration.

The state of emergency, which was declared by Pinara this Wednesday, is managing the provinces of Arica, Barinacota, Tamarugal and Iowa. The President said The zone was fortified by 100 carabiners and 672 armed men for border security. “More, with equipment and technology”. According to the head of state, the move allows the armed forces. The Chilean people are cooperating with the police to “control illegal immigration”.

“In addition to creating humanitarian problems, it also creates security, crime and public order problems, and it is often used by real organized criminal gangs for drug trafficking, arms smuggling, human trafficking, cargo trafficking and many other evils,” Palacio La confirmed. Moneta that he will leave the next March 11 when Gabriel Borick takes office as President-elect.

The measure will be in effect for 15 days and Congress may renew it for 15 days. Under the exception state, security forces are expected to carry out joint patrols. In addition they were The area will be equipped with drones, helicopters for surveillance and transmission 24 hours a day, as well as telecommunications equipment, surveillance with night and heat vision.

More than seven percent of Chile’s population is made up of immigrants (1.4 million), largely Venezuelans, followed by Peruvian, Haitian and Colombian communities. According to Pinora, the migration crisis is a global and regional phenomenon and in Latin America “we are affected by the more than 6 million Venezuelans who have fled the country due to the political, economic, social and humanitarian crisis.”

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