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Chile: Rejection Wins and Pinochet Constitutional Rules | President Boric said he was committed to promoting the new constitutional process

Chile: Rejection Wins and Pinochet Constitutional Rules |  President Boric said he was committed to promoting the new constitutional process

From Santiago

And this Chilean people Not accepted New Constitution It will replace the 1980s painted in full dictatorship. With 100% tables numbered, “Rejection” won 61.9% compared to 38.1% “I approve”. Opinion polls had predicted a right-wing victory, but not by such comfortable numbers. A few hours earlier, with just 23% of the tables counted, they were already celebrating the “rejection” mandate – which included figures from the right, but also Christian Democrats – with shouts, Chilean flags and singing the national anthem. The situation of the “I approve” command and the left that assembled the constitutional convention that created the new constitution was not the best. It was a contrast to the Civic Party with 300,000 people at the end of the campaign last Thursday.

Boric commits to a new batch process

“Companies are working in Chile. This September 4thChilean democracy still emerges stronger (…) The effort is not in vain, because that is why countries move forward in the best way, learning from experiences and retracing their steps to find new ways. The people of Chile were not satisfied with the proposed constitution. This decision requires our institutions and political actors Let’s work with more conversationsA lot of effort, respect and affection,” he told a national network.

“You must hear the voice of the people, not only this day, but all that has happened in these intense years in which we have lived. Let’s not forget why we are here. That malaise is still latent and we cannot ignore it,” he further pointed out Leftists should do self-criticism These needs of the Chilean people must be met “I promise to work with Congress and civil society to craft a new text This explains the majority of citizens.”

Tomorrow morning he will soon meet with the leaders of the chamber of representatives and senators and hold a round of negotiations to gather proposals from various sectors for a new constitutional process, to avoid more uncertainties and build ” a new Chile to heal the “deep wounds” like the return to democracy in 1988.” We will do it again, I have no doubt. We will not start anew.”Poric said. He mentioned that he was coming A trim of your cabinet It should be by the middle of this week.

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Pinochet’s spirit did not die

Does this mean that Pinochet’s constitution will stand? Currently and technically yes. Although the right claims to support Borik’s plan. “We reaffirm our commitment to a new and better constitution”, in a joint statement pledged the three presidents of Chile Vamos, a right-wing opposition coalition – Javier Macaya (Free Democratic Union), Luz Poblate (Evopoli) and Francisco Chajuan (National Reconciliation). “We believe that democracy has won today and the unity of Chile. Peacefully, Chilean men and women have gone to vote democratically, and that is what we must take care of so that tomorrow we can act with a new and good constitution that is the true desire of Chile,” Poblete added. Makaya also clarified this This is not a victory for the right, but for workers and “common sense”..

Thus, the Chilean right already got a new opportunity this morning as the former president Sebastian Pinera – who has been virtually silent since leaving office in March – pointed out when he went to the polls. “We have a commitment to a new and good constitution, and we are going to fulfill that commitment (…) Let’s say things as they are, divisions, conflicts, violence, insecurity and Chile have had too much time. What is needed is more peace, more unity, because only in this way can we make everyone’s home can build” and “let’s leave the culture of cancellation and understand that in Chile we need a better culture of friendship. Together”.

Heat, forced vote and end of cycle

This Sunday was a particularly warm day of the Santiago winter—the temperature reached 27 degrees—although Huge public attendanceGenerally, the polling booths were relocated in relation to the voter’s house, speeding up the process. For example, one thing that did not happen in last year’s presidential elections was the lack of public locomotion, which forced many people to walk from one commune to another multiple times. As voting was made compulsory for the first time in a decade, people lined up at police stations to justify their absence and avoid fines. Further It was the first time that disenfranchised people were able to vote. 13 million people voted – 15 million were eligible to vote.

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A little context: this Sunday’s vote is the key outcome “Treaty for PeaceEncouraged by Congress in November 2019 — among them current President Gabriel Boric — Sebastián Piñera reluctantly accepted as a way to politically prosecute the case. “Social Outrage” Started a month ago. An uprising of proportions, it had a million-strong protest In the heart of Santiago (a phenomenon repeated in other parts of the country), The Police fired rubber bullets into the eyesArmy troops roam the streets and cacerolasos every night in what has become the biggest institutional crisis in the country since the return to democracy. A batch process is proposed It will begin with an entry referendum, where the “I approve” option receives nearly 80% of the vote, along with the joint confederation convention option and with reservations that will create a new constitutional text that requires both politicians and citizens to participate instead of “mixed” representatives.

The latter made it possible for elections to regular constituencies in May 2021 Citizens’ Movements and lower left L. in different ensemblesMajority in 155 seats, right-wing with just 27 representatives and no veto power. However, a rare situation will begin there, where the right-wing has not contributed much beyond criticizing the process, and some episodes, such as the disruption of the national anthem on the first day of the convention, have been badly judged by the public – the preparation. Protests and conferences that tried to draw attention to the issue-, the discovery of a conference that led to protests that lied that several days were cancer or several days to elect new leaders of the second cycle of the conference (Rodrigo Wade). There were also aspects that were understandable as a result of inexperience and the unprecedented nature of the process. The right was exploited to heighten the sense of confusion And irregularity, despite the fact that the text can be kept within the established period, a year after it was launched on July 4 of this year.

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A new court line

The new constitution sought to leave out the text 1980 Constitution Despite its changes in democracy, it is inseparable from it Pinochet and Jaime Guzmán —its main ideology — it allowed the development of a neoliberal economy responsible for the “Chicago Boys”, created by figures such as Catholic University economists Milton Friedman, who allowed the privatization of state enterprises, a huge boost to extractive processes such as forestry in the South or the criticized model of AFPs (Pension Fund Administrators). , where the pension money is managed by new companies that invest abroad, but without involving the people of profit, but of those who are requested. Still valid models.

The new constitution will change this modelGuaranteeing the education, health and quality of life of Chileans (not specified in 1980), in addition A Gender Approach (Defining itself as an egalitarian democracy), in Value of natives By defining Chile as a “plurinational and “intercultural” state and environment. It also proposes Changes in the political system Like the decision of the Senate and the Constitutional Court. It did not agree with the parties that initially supported the process, namely the Socialist Party, many of whose key actors were going to end their careers as senators, because after that, their support for the “permit” was very lukewarm. On the other hand, right-wing conservative sectors do not think well that the new constitutional text will ensure the conditions for pregnancy, but its voluntary interruption. In 1980, the majority of Chileans left their vote in suspense, allowing the Magna Carta to continue to rule.