September 25, 2023

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From Peppa Pig to Apple: This is how Russia legalized the theft of intellectual property

From Peppa Pig to Apple: This is how Russia legalized the theft of intellectual property
Peppa Big, the UK-owned entertainment series Entertainment One, was stolen by Russia for broadcasting in its territory without the necessary permits (EFE).

As its economy was hit by Western sanctions in early March, Russia has decided to amend part of its civil law. The world paid little attention Order No. 299, It authorizes the use of patented inventions, including medicine and digital technology, from “friendly countries.”Without asking permission from the owner or paying any compensation. Not surprising UkraineInvaded by RussiaShould be considered “Friendly”. They are too United States And this EUWith whom he was not at war RussiaBut this affected their economy and disarmed the Ukrainians.

Measurement of Russia It is not illegal under international law. Countries may make exceptions to patent rules in the event of a national emergency. Complex documentation and difficult price negotiations can cause delays. But some compensation, albeit small, is expected. However, With the new Russian law, patent holders can go without anything.

Although the law only applies to patents that protect invention, it does implicitly provide for other types of intellectual property (IP) infringement. Because, he says, the courts provide little protection against opportunists. Maria AstroshenkoA lawyer who specializes in intellectual property AlrudA law firm Moscow. Mentions that Some Russian judges now wonder why the IP of international companies, including trademarks and copyrights, deserves protection. Never asked a question before.

Western companies have already realized the change. In early March, Entertainment One UKThe British branch of a Canadian company lost a lawsuit against a Russian competitor who used it A fake peppa pig, One of his trademark cartoon characters. The case was accordingly dismissed Vladimir BrillinOf Korodisky and PartnersThe largest intellectual property law firm RussiaBecause Britain Enter the fieldNot friendly”. When One of the hobbies Compensation sought, arbitral tribunal Russia Granting such a request “Abuse of rights“In light of British sanctions. In May, the High Court rejected the company’s appeal.

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Faced with isolation from the West and friendly courts at home, the Russians feel brave enough to seize foreign intellectual property.. Only in the last two weeks of March More than 50 applications have been filed to register Western brands such as Coca Cola and Christian Dior.. Proprietary software and devices that have been discontinued by foreign manufacturers Russia Will be as follows. On May 6, Russia has released a 25-page list of products that can be imported without the owner’s permission. Includes phone numbers மஞ்சனாGame Consoles Nintendo And car parts TeslaAs well as weapons and ammunition.

William MilesOf PrifaAn intellectual property law firm LondonReports are all about their customers. “Zero interest“In introducing new brands or innovations Russia. This will cool the novelty, he predicts Cohen BurtonOf European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and AssociationsIts members include Johnson & Johnson, Novartis Y Pfizer. The new law already affects drug research and development, which has begun to recover from years of funding and neglect. Most foreign pharmaceutical manufacturers refuse to launch new tests Russia During the war, it was difficult to approve new drugs. This is bad news for a country that imports nearly 70% of its drugs..

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