January 28, 2023

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Christina Hall will never use “inflammatory” under-eye fillers again

Christina Hall will never use "inflammatory" under-eye fillers again
  • Christina Hall shared updates about her health on Instagram on Saturday.
  • Hall said she removed the filler under her eye after it became “inflammatory.”
  • She also asked if some of her health issues “could be related to breast implants”.

Christina Hall said she removed her under-eye filler while discussing “unexplained” health issues she had dealt with “for years.”

Hall, 39, shared details via her Instagram account, calling it “Self Care Saturday” in a caption on the reels. The “Christina in the Country” star posted photos of her face to her Instagram Stories, and told her 1.8 million followers that she responded to her backlash in April 2022.

Describing the photo as “scary,” Hall wrote in a post, “In April I had a reaction to an under-eye filler. Very puffy and won’t go down with time.”

Christina Hall Instagram Stories Health Updates

Christina Hall Instagram Stories Dec 17.

Christina Hall / Instagram

A second selfie showed Hall after she removed the fillers.

“After thawing with hyaluronidase and ultrasound frequency treatments to remove all of the filler,” she wrote. “It will never happen again.”

Hall delved deeper into her health in an Instagram reel, and asked if her experience was “breast implant related.”

“I’ve been really exhausted lately, so I’ve been getting back into my body. I’ve had some unexplained health issues for years, and now I’m vexing the idea that this could be related to my breast implants,” Hall wrote. “Does anyone else have any experience with this topic? I’m just curious about all the ladies who are addressing this.”

Christina Hall Instagram Reels Health Updates

Christina Hall’s Instagram reel post on Dec. 17.

Christina Hall / Instagram

Hall went on to list her symptoms, which included unexplained rashes, joint and muscle pain, acid reflux, inflammation, and autoimmune problems.

She added, “I had all my under-eye filler dissolved because it also caused inflammation.”

Many celebrities have spoken openly about having their breast implants removed due to health issues, including Danica Patrick In April 2022 and Sharon Osbourne In 2011. Patrick said she noticed an improvement in her health after having her breast implants removed.

“Within hours after surgery, this is what I noticed—my face was more even-toned, less dark circles (no food before 2nd pic), my face started producing oil again, and I could breathe 30% deeper into my chest already,” she wrote in my post: “I had a lot of energy when I woke up.” Instagram.

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