December 7, 2023

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Civil Guard alert: This is the ‘Lebanon Lasso’, a technique thieves use to steal cash from ATMs.

Civil Guard alert: This is the ‘Lebanon Lasso’, a technique thieves use to steal cash from ATMs.
An agent of the Civil Guard next to a vehicle on the highway. (File Photo / Europa Press).

The Civil Guard It has warned of a new robbery technique spreading across the national territory, dubbed the ‘Lebanon Lasso’. In particular, this is a system used by attackers in ATMs, whereby the fraudster tries to capture the victim’s credit card and then their money. Agents of the armed company have issued a warning through social media to warn the public to be careful when visiting ATMs.

Attackers’ ‘modus operandi’ begins before they even see their victims. First, they choose the cashier who will commit the robbery. Then, they fix their time to visit these places, which is often late afternoon, from this time Banks are closed.

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After selecting the ATM they will defraud, the robbers a Plastic device or cardboard to simulate a groove Where to insert the card. That is, it is a metal-colored rectangle with a tassel ring made of magnetic tape. The purpose of this device is for the cashier to recognize that a card connected to the slot has been inserted.

Robbers believe that the victim does not know how to act in this situation, and at that point, when they take action in person, they offer to help, after telling the victim that they have the same problem. In this way, they will refer victims to contact the ATM helpline, but the number will not be official. Connection of some accomplices to robberyWho will provide instructions to follow to “reclaim” the card.

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In this call, hackers use the opportunity to request sensitive data to try to solve the problem. Once they get this password and the victim leaves the scene without the card, the criminals take control of it. From that moment, they start making all kinds of purchases.

After several cases were registered, Civil Guard agents have decided to explain to the public how citizens should act if they find themselves in a similar situation. The arms agency has recommended that citizens report any suspicious movements or signs of being affected by the ‘Lebanon bond’. In these cases, you should call 062 or 112. Agents are not aware of this practice as every year they make a similar announcement through their social networks.

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