December 2, 2023

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Julian Assange: Freedom We Don’t Have | Comment

Julian Assange: Freedom We Don’t Have |  Comment

Almost ten years have passed since the adventures Edward Snowden In the interest of reaching Ecuador. Snowden had chosen Ecuador Because Julian Assange He was a distinguished guest at the embassy in London. The Ecuador of that time was different, it had dreams of sovereignty, it was inscribed in the plans of the Great Homeland, there was Nestor, Chavez, Evo, Lula, Lugo, and I played for my country. Rafael Correa.

Julian Assange He became known for his unique view of journalism; He doesn’t want to heed what a certain press company, the big media, suggested to him: “Practice responsible journalism,” which for us is nothing more than the media packaging information and deciding how far to open it up. files

Chelsea Manning, in 2010, provided Assange with extensive information about the atrocities committed by “gringos” in Afghanistan, Iraq and Guantanamo. Manning contacted earlier Guardian The British and other media that don’t stop the ball in the slightest. That’s why he ended up inside WikiLeaks and brought Julian Assange global fame. He does not hesitate to practice other premises that can be applied to what he calls scientific journalism: you have irrefutable evidence that proves your hypothesis, then: get it, publish it yourself.

And that’s exactly what Assange did, plus what he used today, before many sources, known as a “secure mailbox”: no one has to know where your postings come from. Even more: Put a mask on your source, and then he’ll tell the truth. We have always known that a mask is a veil, but there is truth in it.

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Today, Assange is so mentally and physically debilitated that they are hastening his death with a series of psychological tortures. seems to have been approved by the British courts AmericaA country has filed 18 cases against him, accusing him of exposing people mentioned in cables released by WikiLeaks.

A government of traitors Lenin Moreno, bad guys like Jose Valencia, the foreign minister at the time, handed Assange over to the British police (essentially handing him over to the US), allowing them to enter the embassy of a sovereign nation. Australian, as in pushing. They took with them the notions of dignity that we developed from a liberal foreign policy that rejected the centrality of Europe and America’s interests. Moreno, subjugated to the concepts of world organization, built from this A very ruthless capitalismHe never thought about the damage he had done Free pressOne that tries to create another story little by little, taking into account our perspectives, our contributions, and our understanding of the same world.

The negligence of a media conglomerate that claims to protect freedom of expression drew the first contributions from WikiLeaks: Guardian, Le Monde, ok Spiegel, Country And The New York Times As if WikiLeaks could not dive into the documents they obtained, they kept a lot of information to themselves, managed it, infantilized the audience, and used it however they wanted.

Stella Morris, lawyer and associate of Assange, crying out to the world for some justice, including death, confronts us with different meanings of freedom of expression, her husband is not a “hacker”, he is very smart and today, before our almost total indifference, is rotten. A maximum security prison in London. Two weeks of visits are not enough, and his two children are a very sad image of their father, full of shadows, because, as in the caves, they are programmed not to see things in the full light.

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Assange needs to be freed, we all need the freedom we need. Let America know that a good portion of the planet will have its eyes on the justice the Assange case demands. Millions of us will be rivers of people facing that force that would explode dangerously if caught red-handed. Assange drew many veils, and that was his crime; At the same time, his great contribution.

Xavier Lazo is a communicator, social scientist, and former vice chancellor of Rafael Correa.