March 23, 2023

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Conflict Russia – Ukraine, minute by minute | Russian forces have entered the eastern Ukrainian stronghold of Lysyansk in the east

NATO counter-summit in Madrid

Syra Rego, the federal spokesman for the United Left, criticized the “militaristic illusion” and “NATO expansion” in Europe, which subjugates the continent to US interests and defends the reduction of arms spending.

For his part, Lucía Muñoz, leader of the Podemos and a congressional deputy, accused the Atlantic Alliance of being “an organization for war, not an organization for peace,” and that the Russian invasion of Ukraine had “saved lives.”

The two exchanged views during the first day’s speech at the Alternative to Peace Summit, organized by the state-run NATO No. Madrid.

For the IU leader, this alternative forum to the NATO summit needs to send a message of peace “at the right time and by the bravest people”, despite the call to “trivialize” the declaration of an “open war on human rights” despite the attempts to turn the talk into “trivial” shame.

Rego has warned that there is “no way out” for Europe to “strengthen” relations with NATO and increase its presence, as well as follow the path of increasing military spending in the midst of the war in Ukraine. The “time and environment-social” crisis, in his opinion, goes on around the world. At the same time, he acknowledged that the lack of commitment to a “peaceful way” to resolving conflict was “very encouraging.”

NATO is an “outdated” structure that causes instability

Meanwhile, when it was announced that Madrid would host the NATO summit in Madrid, the coalition was going through “very difficult times” and French President Emmanuel Macron said he was “brain dead”. However, he argued that the Russian invasion of Ukraine changed that situation, for example, as expressed by demands for accession from Sweden and Finland.

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According to Munoz, an organization born in the context of the ‘Cold War’ between the United States and the former Soviet Union needs to be reviewed from a historical perspective if it is an actor who supports security or promotes instability. Point out in this regard that NATO’s eastern expansion has always been seen as a “threat” by the Kremlin.

In addition, he declared NATO to be an “outdated” military organization, warning that “advanced” movements could escalate the conflict internationally, but rather advise the development of an autonomous defense strategy in Europe and the promotion of dialogue. Ceasefire and stop “following” America.

Finally, he declared that it would be very useful for Spain and the government to hold such a peace summit in the face of the current war in Ukraine, rooted in the European movement nurtured by the forces of the social left.

For his part, Willie Meyer, a former IU MEP and state-run NATO spokesman, criticized the commitment to raising military spending to 2% of GDP, which will be addressed at the Atlantic Coalition summit, he added. If this is a “priority” then the “word must be given to the people” so that they can pronounce themselves.

He ruled that NATO was an “obstacle to peace” and that war in Ukraine could be avoided if expansion plans for the east were abandoned, and he called for peace, militarization and a social alternative based on social structure. Democratization of security decisions.