November 28, 2022

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Louis Ars: “The progress of left-wing governments in the region is undeniable” Interview with the President of Bolivia on AM750

The consecration took place as of last Sunday Progressive presidential candidate Gustavo Pedro of Colombia. The political map of Latin America has been restructured since the inauguration of Alberto Fernandez in 2019. President of the Florinational State of Bolivia, Louis ArsI speak AM750– On “Return” to the left of the continent And remember How were the moments before the coup Led by right-wing leader Jeanine Anes.

The wave of right-wing governments clearly does not meet the needs of society, which is why the left is coming back“In connection with the Ars promised Blackboard.

The leader of the Florinational State of Bolivia reflected the current political situation in Latin America. To the economist, the current Latin American governments “They have built the road to speed up the construction of the big homeland“.

“Obviously, the progress of left-wing governments in the region is undeniable.That fact must be taken into account. ”

However, the president warned against restoring democracy in his country:What we did did not please national and international rights, they did not rest. We have that clear“.

When asked how the pre-coup moments in Bolivia lived after the October 20 election, he responded: “Several weeks before the coup I felt the harassment of the right“.

In the same way, right-wing groups have “laid siege to the homes of Evo Morales ministers, shouting at us, graffitiing us and They posted our addresses on social media“.

He assured the criminal situation of Bolivia’s former caretaker President Jeanine Anes: “We were vigilant so that the proper procedure for Ms Anes in the criminal investigation would be respected.“.

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