May 23, 2024

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Corruption victim Boris Johnson targets BBC | The British government wants to make cuts in public channel funding

From London

Nailing 10 Downing Street, Boris Johnson put the BBC in his view In an attempt to protect himself from the corruption of “Partygate”. One of his key allies in the cabinet, Culture Minister Nadine Doris, announced this week The annual license for Britons to pay for their TV and iPlayer services will be suspended for two years. Doris concluded that by 2027 the BBC’s current funding mechanism would be scrapped, which he described as “outdated”.

The admirable model of the public broadcaster who allowed British independence to be maintained from the governments of the day is in danger. There are two great alternatives to dance. In one, the BBC’s budget will come out of the general budget, thereby compromising its independence. Second, the service area or will be completely privatized. As a complement to one or the other, rarely a self-sufficient model, the BBC will be funded by user subscriptions.

Appeal to grassroots people

This change is popular among the pro-conservative media (mostly writing, radio and television magazines), activists and a good section of “Tory” representatives: they have all called for partial or full privatization. BBC. This is one of the central measures to guarantee the support of these departments, which are highly critical of corruption, to a government weakened by the “partygate”.

Facing public opinion, In times of epidemic the government appealed to economic argument. Currently, each UK pays 159 a year to access the BBC’s TV and iPlayer services. “In times of economic crisis we are experiencing, it’s the right thing for the BBC to find autonomous funding avenues,” Doris said.

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As expected, the Minister of Culture did not consider any political background as the reason for the announcement. Opposition groups called for a boycott of the assembly. “The Conservatives are determined to destroy this great British company because they do not like the press they are doing,” said Lucy Powell, Labor’s shadow culture minister.

The BBC considers the BBC, which was embroiled in controversy with Margaret Thatcher during the Malvinas war, to be an “enemy.” Over the weekend, a Conservative MP did not hesitate to say that the BBC was using “partygate” to deliver a media blow against Boris Johnson. “Today began with a fabricated story by the BBC News Bulletin. This fabrication is a conspiracy against Boris Johnson. “

The truth is that in her image in the 1980s, Margaret Thatcher, the leader of the powerful uncompromising faction of the Tories, Margaret Thatcher, the two conflicts in the UK, the National Health Service, the BBC and the NHS. In a society that has completely dismantled its public sector, they are the biggest corruption: two services with state or public financing and significant margins of independence from economic power and conservative political power, which are often identical.

On the BBC they lamented the announcement of the cuts and pointed out that thousands of jobs would be lost. “This is a disgrace because the programming needs to be cut.

A lot depends on the partygate

Doris launches new BBC The annual license for the next two years is set in stone, PBut the new model will be part of a long negotiation It will involve forces not fully controlled by the government, such as parliament and public opinion (mostly in favor of the BBC).

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By the way, Johnson wants to escape corruption. “Partygate” opened at the end of November for parties and community gatherings at 10 Downing Street.. The first two meetings were talked about: Today the investigation, led by industry official Sue Gray, is being handled with at least 13 “parties”.

Central is whether Boris Johnson recognized these meetings. If there is a little more in the shade, it is the Byzantine debate about whether they are social events or a continuation of the work processed by wine, gin and tonic and canapes. Johnson apologized to the House of Commons last Wednesday and mailed to the garden of 10 Downing Street with 40 guests, chatting with them for 25 minutes and attending a “work meeting”.

The justification is unbelievable, with the exception of a few ministers, even the Conservatives do not believe it, but what Sue Gray says is fundamental. If there are no parties or details extending the investigation the officer should be released within the next two weeks. Johnson’s days as executive chairman could be counted if he decides the prime minister knows.

Before apologizing last week, the Prime Minister said in his parliamentary appearance that he knew nothing about these parties. According to the rules of parliamentary law, the minister who lies or misleads the parliament must resign his post.

Johnson can find a way around the protocol and roll other heads to save his own, But the biggest problem he has is in the front of his house. Many Conservative MPs are trying to force him to resign, fearing the impact the party will have on voters. If he executes Gray’s verdict, Johnson will face a verdict in the May local elections: a catastrophic defeat could be his punishment.

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We need to see if it goes that far. The will of the 54 delegates to question his leadership under the Conservative rule is sufficient to hold the party’s by-elections. If more than half of the delegates vote against Johnson in this election, his resignation will come true.