December 5, 2023

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Czech singer Hana Horka refuses to be vaccinated and dies of covid disease to get health pass.

Czech singer Hana Horka, who opposed the Govt-19 vaccine, has died. Sunday at age 57 Then He has voluntarily contracted the disease in order to obtain a health permit, According to his family.

Czech band singer Azonans vaccinated her husband and son, and they were contracted Corona virus before ChristmasHowever, the woman decided not to isolate herself. According to John Reck, the artist’s son: “She decided to live normally with us and wanted to control the disease rather than get vaccinated.”

The singer’s son said the vaccine had “blood on hands”.Facebook Hannah Horca

Conversation on public radio, Reg The leaders blamed Vaccine resistance movement To convince their mother not to get vaccinated, that’s why they have blood on their hands”. He said he knew “who exactly formed his opinion” and regretted that he “trusted foreigners more than his own family”.

Thus said the young man “This is not just complete misinformation, but comments about natural immunity and antibodies produced by the disease.”

"The vaccine is genocide"Says a poster on January 9, 2022 in the fight against compulsory vaccination in Prague.
A poster reads “vaccine genocide” in the fight against compulsory vaccination in Prague on January 9, 2022.Getty Images

Two days after her death, Hannah Horca wrote on social media: “I survived. So now there will be an emergency trip to the theater, sauna, concert, sauna and the sea..

Health pass is issued in a European country with proof of vaccination or recent recovery, It is mandatory to go to all cultural and sports venues, bars and restaurants.

The Czech Republic is currently facing new epidemics More than 20,000 new positive cases were detected on Monday, According to AFP.

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