May 28, 2023

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Coyo Cardenas: Mexican serial killer who was hailed in the Chamber of Deputies and studied at UNAM.

Coyo Cardenas was praised in the Chamber of Deputies. Photography: Joanie Perez/Infobay

along with History of Mexico Horror stories have been recorded Serial killers What did they achieve? Monopolize the media for the bloodthirsty way they operate. The first recorded serial killer, Since the end of the 19th century.

About Francisco Guerrero Pérez is known as El ChalequeroEstimated to kill all around 20 women between 1880 and 1888. Like him, the country has had a series of serial killer cases in recent history that have shocked not only Mexico but the entire world.

Such a case, for example, in Juana Barraza SamperioKnown as MadhavijitasThe Woman Who Killed Old Women; JOSE LUIS CALVA CEPEDAKnown as Cannibalism of the warrior, So it is assumed Devoured victimsHis emotional partners, and lived in an apartment Colonia Guerrero, Mexico City; Or more recently Andres Filomeno MendozaKnown as Cannibalism of AtishapanAn old man, till date, The The largest known serial femicide in Mexico’s recent historyBecause in his house they were found, buried, at least 17 girls, A boy and a man. He was given the nickname “Cannibal” after admitting it He ate the flesh of his victims.

However, in A few cases were also known in the twentieth century. One of the most famous and most impressive Gregory”goyoCardenas.

Between August and September 1942, Coyo Cardenas killed four women.
Between August and September 1942, Coyo Cardenas killed four women.

better known as The Strangler of Dacubaand killing girls as young as four Between August and September 1942. His victims A classmate of a chemical science career and three prostitutes. He first had intercourse with them, then hanged them and buried them in the garden of his house.

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His last victim was his girlfriend. Grace Areas, whom He repeatedly raped her as she lay dead on her bed. These details caused a sensation among news readers, because although examples of gender violence and necrophilia are known, they are always related to individuals. half-fantasy.

goyo Cardenas Born in 1915 in Mexico City. The father of Mexican crimeAlfonso Quiroz Crone, determined that goyo Cardenas developed homicidal behavior due to encephalitis during his childhood. Caused infection in the central nervous system, destroying tissue that could not reproduce.

In his book strangulation case, Dr. Quiros Crone describes the case goyoWho from a very young age He liked to torture animals like chickens and rabbitsIn addition to suffering from enuresis and living an unhealthy relationship with his mother Vicenta Hernandez.

The serial killer studied chemistry at UNAM.
The serial killer studied chemistry at UNAM.

Despite these conditions, he proved to be a Very high IQ, and an excellent student from basic education. He was studying at the age of 27 Chemistry On top of that National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM), And because of his high student performance, he received a scholarship Petroleos Mexicanos (Pemex) Continue their academic training and collaborate with a parastatal.

It was always emphasized that he was a remarkable student, a profitable employee, a son who cooperated with household chores and a son between his mother, his lover and a young woman whom he had secretly married two years before, Sabina González Laura. to commit murders. Let’s say that Gregorio was very helpfulFor when he had finished his workday and his household chores, he devoted himself to painting, playing the piano, and conducting chemical experiments.

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He confessed his crimes After his mother committed him to a psychiatric hospital.

When he was imprisoned LegumberryA separate character in prison was: He attended mental health classes, received family visits, had relationships with nurses, was allowed to go out whenever he wanted, and even had a tree planted in his room.

President Luis Echevarria pardoned Coyo Cardenas and was praised in the House of Representatives.
President Luis Echevarria pardoned Coyo Cardenas and was praised in the House of Representatives.

In an unprecedented event, in 1976 the President Luis Echevarria granted him amnestyand brought him before Union Congress, He was hailed as a hero for representing a clear case for rehabilitation. He was also recognized San Lázaro, “an inspiration to the Mexicans,” where he stood up and applauded despite the outrage of many.

After being released, he entered National School of Professional Studies (ENEP) Aragon, joined National Autonomous University of MexicoWhere he studied Law. By 1992 he had graduated with a thesis Lack of our law when not charged with lack of or lack of mental capacity.

A few days after his release, in a slow and very calm voice, Cardenas said that the prison regime during his time was the most humane in the country’s history, and it was praised.There is a genuine interest in trying to rehabilitate offenders”.

He died at the age of 85 in Los Angeles, California.There he worked as a lawyer.

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