May 21, 2024

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Criminal gang that threatened to kill ex-judge Moro busted in Brazil | The First Command of the capital planned the assassination of various officials

Criminal gang that threatened to kill ex-judge Moro busted in Brazil |  The First Command of the capital planned the assassination of various officials

Federal police on Wednesday dismantled a powerful criminal organization planning a series of attacks and murders. Simultaneously in five states of Brazil Against senior officers and politicians. One of the recipients of the attacks Former Judge Sergio MoroThe current Brazilian president, Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, is known for his conviction and imprisonment and served as justice minister in the government of far-right Jair Bolsonaro. In 2019, Morrow took charge of the transition to maximum security prisons Isolate the leaders of the First Command of Capital (PCC), the dominant drug-trafficking organization in Brazil.

“The purpose of this operation is to dismantle an organization that aims to carry out attacks against public officials and officials, including murders and extortion by kidnapping,” the Brazilian Federal Police explained in a statement. He for his part Justice Minister Flávio DinoHe congratulated the investigating teams on whom the police depended 24 raids and nine arrests.

An assassination plot against several public agents was investigated and identified (among them, a senator and a prosecutor). Today the central police are conducting arrests and raids against this gang,” he said Dyno on his Twitter account. According to the minister, the attacks were about to happen simultaneously, the main suspects were in São Paulo and Paraná, where the authorities carried out operations since early morning, as well as in three other states (Rondonia, Brasilia and Mato Grosso do South).

The dreaded B.C.C

total, 120 uniformed officers were mobilized to execute 11 arrest warrants and 24 search warrants. at the residences and properties of the suspects. Among the targets of the criminal network was former judge and current senator Sergio Moro, who pointed to the first command of the capital as the network responsible for the failed attacks. The PCC is considered the main criminal organization in South America..

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The so-called “crime party” has branches in Bolivia, Colombia, Peru and Paraguay and controls drug trafficking in Brazilian ports. Crimes like the murder of Paraguayan prosecutor Marcelo Bechi in the Colombian Caribbean fall on her. The criminal organization was founded by inmates who organized gangs to defend themselves in the violent Brazilian prison system, in which they committed more than one massacre.

In a plenary session of the Senate, Sergio Moro warned of this “terrifying increase in organized crime”. Earlier, from his Twitter account, the former judge thanked the “Federal Police, the Paraná Police, the Senate and the Chamber of Debates and the São Paulo Prosecutor and the Police.”

As Bolsonaro’s justice minister, the now-senator has ordered the transfer of several PCC leaders to maximum-security federal prisons., where they were quarantined for several weeks. Among the prisoners transferred to special prisons by Moro was Marcos Villians Herbaz Camacho, known as “Marcola” and considered the head of the PCC.

According to investigations, an order restricting intimate visits at federal prisons may have been a factor in the retaliation plans against Morrow. For the planned attacks since last year, the suspects have rented farms, houses and even an office located near the houses of the controversial former judge.

Moorewho In charge of Operation Lava JatoConsidered to be the biggest anti-corruption drive in the country. Lula was jailed in 2018For passive corruption and money laundering. After 580 days in jail, the progressive leader regained his freedom and his cases were quashed by the courts.

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In Sao Paulo, the target of death threats was lawyer Lincoln Caccia, who was also involved in investigations into PCC activities. In turn, the media pointed to officials of the prison system and members of the police of several states as among those threatened.

The case sparked a series of conspiracy theories on social media. On Tuesday, President Lula told Brazil247 that when he was detained and lawyers went to review the detention conditions, they asked him if everything was in order, to which the former union leader replied: “I’ll only be fine if Moro gets screwed”. The report was dismissed by Moro, who said he had received threats from the PCC and did not condemn them.

The event opened a front for the right wing, which has been trying to link the Workers’ Party (PT) with the PCC since the election campaign. Former President Bolsonaro tried to link Lula’s government to organized crimeHis own offensive in the 2018 campaign, citing the killing of former Santo André mayor Celso Daniel, fueled his popularity.

Bolsonaro used the PCC case to demand a commission of inquiry against Lula in Congress. Lula said in an interview about Moro, authorizing the PCC to implement the planFortunately, the central police acted quickly,” said the vice-chancellor Philip Barros, Bolsonaro’s Liberal Party. PT’s leader Gleisi Hoffmann responded that the protection afforded Moro by the Lula government was “a lesson in civilization and democracy”..

“A biased judge unconcerned about the hatred he inspired with Operation Lava Jato, Lula has a lesson in civility and democracy from the government,” Hoffman said. For his part Flavio Dino He promised that “It is ill-advised, frivolous and irrelevant to draw any connection between these facts and the report.” Lula’s.

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According to the Justice Minister, those who carry out this “politicization” of the case are helping the criminal organization targeted by the Central Police. After participating in a lunch sponsored by the São Paulo Lawyers Institute, Dino insisted Tuesday there was no way to link Lula’s statement to the investigation, which “has been going on for months.”