June 23, 2024

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Greek trains are back in service 21 days after the crash that killed 57 people

Greek trains are back in service 21 days after the crash that killed 57 people
A station master uses a signal disc to signal the departure of a train at Central Station in Athens, Greece (AP Photo/Thanasis Stavrakis)

He Rail transport of Greece After 21 days, it gradually resumed operations this Wednesday 57 people died when two trains collided head on And until today the circulation in the country’s railways is paralyzed.

Several passenger trains in Athens and Patras were back in service early Wednesday, as were various tourist routes in central and southern Greece.

Although the government plans to resume inter-city and freight transport in the north of the country, these are still suspended. Engineers refuse to drive convoysBecause they insist that there is still more in these ways Security issues.

In a letter sent by the Mechanical Workers Union on Tuesday to Hellenic trainThe company that operates the Hellenic Railways points at various points on these routes Station to station communication is not possibleWhen cars pass without any surveillance.

A view of a train at Athens’ central station (REUTERS / Louiza Vradi)

Firefighters are asking the company for “written confirmation” that it is safe to go through a series of tunnels where they have reported “safety issues”.

As per the government plan, train services for goods and passengers will gradually resume till April 11.

“Resumption of services of trains is necessary to regain public confidence,” the interim transport minister said. Yorgos YerapetritisHe stressed that when roads are not in use, the risk of infrastructure theft or deterioration increases.

A man walks in front of the central train station in Athens (REUTERS/Louiza Vradi)

At 11:21 pm local time (21:21 GMT) on February 28, a passenger train collided head-on with a freight train north of Larissa. 57 people diedMostly university students.

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Greek Prime Minister, conservative Kyriakos MistodakisAdmitted that the particular section lacked safety systems that could have prevented the tragedy.

Cars after a train crash in Tempe (AP Photo/Giannis Papanikos/File)

Italian government agency Italian State Railways Hellenic Railways operates, although the country’s railway infrastructure depends on the state company OSE.

(with information from EFE)

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